Gretchen J. A. Hansen
Gretchen J. A. Hansen
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Widespread deoxygenation of temperate lakes
SF Jane, GJA Hansen, BM Kraemer, PR Leavitt, JL Mincer, RL North, ...
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Seasonality of change: Summer warming rates do not fully represent effects of climate change on lake temperatures
LA Winslow, JS Read, GJA Hansen, KC Rose, DM Robertson
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Commonly rare and rarely common: comparing population abundance of invasive and native aquatic species
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Food web consequences of long-term invasive crayfish control
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Largemouth Bass management in Wisconsin: intraspecific and interspecific implications of abundance increases
JF Hansen, GG Sass, JW Gaeta, GA Hansen, DA Isermann, J Lyons, ...
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Disentangling the effects of a century of eutrophication and climate warming on freshwater lake fish assemblages
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Adapting inland fisheries management to a changing climate
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Hindsight in marine protected area selection: A comparison of ecological representation arising from opportunistic and systematic approaches
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Biological Conservation 144 (6), 1866-1875, 2011
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