Garrett Weinberg
Garrett Weinberg
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Multimodal input in the car, today and tomorrow
C Müller, G Weinberg
Multimedia, IEEE 18 (1), 98-103, 2011
Developing a low-cost driving simulator for the evaluation of in-vehicle technologies
G Weinberg, B Harsham
Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Automotive User …, 2009
Evaluating the usability of a head-up display for selection from choice lists in cars
G Weinberg, B Harsham, Z Medenica
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Automotive User …, 2011
Low-attention gestural user interface
GL Weinberg, PL Langer, T Lynch, VS Chen, L König, SP Jarosz, ...
US Patent App. 13/833,780, 2013
Evaluation of different speech and touch interfaces to in-vehicle music retrieval systems
L Garay-Vega, AK Pradhan, G Weinberg, B Schmidt-Nielsen, B Harsham, ...
Accident analysis & prevention 42 (3), 913-920, 2010
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
S Nagahara, K Shiba, N Hamanaka, T Usami, T Yokoyama
US Patent App. 10/303,715, 2003
Method for interacting with users of speech recognition systems
G Weinberg, B Ramakrishnan, B Schmidt-Nielsen, BA Harsham
US Patent 7,917,368, 2011
Contextual push-to-talk: shortening voice dialogs to improve driving performance
G Weinberg, B Harsham, C Forlines, Z Medenica
Proceedings of the 12th international conference on Human computer …, 2010
Method for indexing for retrieving documents using particles
B Ramakrishnan, EB Gouvêa, B Schmidt-Nielsen, G Weinberg, ...
US Patent 8,229,921, 2012
Electric or electronic circuit arrangement and method of protecting said circuit arrangement from manipulation and/or abuse
J Fuhrmann, E Bretschneider, W Einfeldt
US Patent App. 10/043,516, 2002
Investigating HUDs for the presentation of choice lists in car navigation systems
G Weinberg, B Harsham, Z Medenica
University of Iowa, 2011
AutoNUI: a workshop on automotive natural user interfaces
B Pfleging, A Schmidt, T Döring, M Knobel
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Automotive User …, 2011
Bullseye: An Automotive Touch Interface that’s Always on Target
G Weinberg, A Knowles, P Langer
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Automotive User …, 2012
Intelligent automated assistant for media exploration
DC Graham, CD Irani, A Piercy, T Alsina, GL Weinberg
US Patent App. 15/940,203, 2018
Drive unit for initialization
Y Yamada, H Umehara, Y Muramatsu
US Patent 6,741,058, 2004
Text browsing, editing and correction methods for automotive applications
J Curin, J Kleindienst, M Labsky, T Macek, L Koenig, H Quast, ...
US Patent 9,575,946, 2017
Combined agents for treatment of glaucoma
T Yokoyama
US Patent 7,307,096, 2007
Method and System for Automatic Speech Recognition with Multiple Contexts
GL Weinberg
US Patent App. 12/557,035, 2011
Intelligent automated assistant
HJ Saddler, AT Piercy, GL Weinberg, SL Booker
US Patent 10,553,215, 2020
Contextual push-to-talk: a new technique for reducing voice dialog duration
G Weinberg
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Human-Computer …, 2009
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