Rudolf Leuschner
Rudolf Leuschner
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A meta‐analysis of supply chain integration and firm performance
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Sustainability and corporate social responsibility in supply chains: The state of research in supply chain management and business ethics journals
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A meta‐analysis of logistics customer service
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Establishing logistics service strategies that increase sales
R Leuschner, DM Lambert
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Cross-sector social interactions and systemic change in disaster response: A qualitative study
AM Quarshie, R Leuschner
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The Rise of FinTech in Supply Chains
DS Rogers, R Leuschner, TY Choi
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Interorganizational interaction in disaster response networks: A government perspective
AM Quarshie, R Leuschner
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Inventory management and endogenous demand: Investigating the role of customer referrals, defections, and product market failure
O Sokolinskiy, B Sopranzetti, DS Rogers, R Leuschner
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Special Issue Editorial Note
DS Rogers, R Leuschner
Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal 16 (3), 2-3, 2015
Supply Chain Financing: Funding The Supply Chain And The Organization
D Rogers, R Leuschner, T Choi
World Scientific, 2020
Inventory turns and finite-horizon Little’s Laws
B Melamed, R Leuschner, W Chen, DS Rogers, M Cao
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Implementing and Sustaining the Supply Chain Management Processes
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The predictive value of the logistics managers’ index
Z Rogers, D Rogers, S Carnovale, R Lembke, R Leuschner, S Yeniyurt
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The impact of product, price, promotion and Place/Logistics on customer satisfaction and share of business
R Leuschner
The Ohio State University, 2010
Supply chain financing and pandemic: Managing cash flows to keep firms and their value networks healthy
E Hofmann, S Templar, D Rogers, TY Choi, R Leuschner, RY Korde
Rutgers Business Review 6 (1), 1-23, 2021
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