Pilleriin Sikka
Pilleriin Sikka
Stanford University, School of Medicine
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What is an altered state of consciousness?
A Revonsuo, S Kallio, P Sikka
Philosophical Psychology 22 (2), 187-204, 2009
Stress and worry in the 2020 coronavirus pandemic: Relationships to trust and compliance with preventive measures across 48 countries in the COVIDiSTRESS global survey
A Lieberoth, SY Lin, S Stöckli, H Han, M Kowal, R Gelpi, S Chrona, ...
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D-amino acid oxidase activity and expression are increased in schizophrenia
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I know how you felt last night, or do I? Self-and external ratings of emotions in REM sleep dreams
P Sikka, K Valli, T Virta, A Revonsuo
Consciousness and cognition 25, 51-66, 2014
Peace of mind and anxiety in the waking state are related to the affective content of dreams
P Sikka, H Pesonen, A Revonsuo
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EEG Frontal Alpha Asymmetry and Dream Affect: Alpha Oscillations Over the Right Frontal Cortex During REM Sleep and Pre-Sleep Wakefulness Predict Anger in REM Sleep Dreams
P Sikka, A Revonsuo, V Noreika, K Valli
Journal of Neuroscience, 2884-18, 2019
How you measure is what you get: Differences in self-and external ratings of emotional experiences in home dreams
P Sikka, D Feilhauer, K Valli, A Revonsuo
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Dream emotions: a comparison of home dream reports with laboratory early and late REM dream reports
P Sikka, A Revonsuo, N Sandman, J Tuominen, K Valli
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Alexithymia and emotion regulation
DA Preece, A Mehta, K Petrova, P Sikka, J Bjureberg, R Becerra, JJ Gross
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The existence of a hypnotic state revealed by eye movements
S Kallio, J Hyönä, A Revonsuo, P Sikka, L Nummenmaa
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Tears evoke the intention to offer social support: A systematic investigation of the interpersonal effects of emotional crying across 41 countries
JH Zickfeld, N van de Ven, O Pich, TW Schubert, JB Berkessel, JJ Pizarro, ...
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D‐Serine metabolism in C6 glioma cells: Involvement of alanine‐serine‐cysteine transporter (ASCT2) and serine racemase (SRR) but not D‐amino acid oxidase (DAO)
P Sikka, R Walker, R Cockayne, MJA Wood, PJ Harrison, PWJ Burnet
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COVIDiSTRESS diverse dataset on psychological and behavioural outcomes one year into the COVID-19 pandemic
AM Blackburn, S Vestergren, the COVIDiSTRESS II Consortium
Scientific Data 9 (331), 2022
Dream affect: Conceptual and Methodological Issues in the Study of Emotions and Moods Experienced in Dreams
P Sikka
University of Turku (full-text:, 2020
Perception of successive targets presented in invariant-item streams
T Bachmann, P Sikka
Acta Psychologica 120 (1), 19-34, 2005
The Perth Alexithymia Questionnaire-Short Form (PAQ-S): A 6-item measure of alexithymia
DA Preece, A Mehta, K Petrova, P Sikka, J Bjureberg, W Chen, R Becerra, ...
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The dynamics of affect across the wake-sleep cycle: From waking mind-wandering to night-time dreaming
P Sikka, K Valli, A Revonsuo, J Tuominen
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How to Study Dream Experiences
P Sikka
Greenwood, an Imprint of ABC-CLIO LLC., 2019
Mediation Analysis of Conspiratorial Thinking and Anti-Expert Sentiments on Vaccine Willingness
AM Blackburn, H Han, RA Gelpí, S Stöckli, A Jeftić, B Ch’ng, ...
Health Psychology 42 (4), 235–246, 2023
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