Nicoleta Meslec
Nicoleta Meslec
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Struggles for cooperation: Conflict resolution strategies in multicultural groups
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Too close or too far hurts: cognitive distance and group cognitive synergy
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The role of teamwork on team performance in extreme military environments: an empirical study
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Being open matters: the antecedents and consequences of cross-understanding in teams
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When none of us perform better than all of us together: the role of analogical decision rules in groups
N Meslec, PL Curşeu, MTH Meeus, OC Iederan Fodor
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Knowledge hiding in emergency ambulance healthcare settings: its mediating role in the relationship between organizational support and affective commitment and organizational …
L Ratiu, SR Trif, N Meslec
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Multiple teams, multiple projects, multiple groups at the intersection of (multiple) research fields: A bibliometric study
N Meslec, PL Curseu, OC Fodor, S Batistič, R Kenda
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