Riku Varjopuro
Riku Varjopuro
head of unit, Marine Research Centre, Centre, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
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Benefits and limitations of the ecosystem services concept in environmental policy and decision making: some stakeholder perspectives
J Hauck, C Görg, R Varjopuro, O Ratamäki, K Jax
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“Maps have an air of authority”: potential benefits and challenges of ecosystem service maps at different levels of decision making
J Hauck, C Görg, R Varjopuro, O Ratamäki, J Maes, H Wittmer, K Jax
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Envisioning the future of water in Europe-the SCENES project
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Co-existence of seals and fisheries? Adaptation of a coastal fishery for recovery of the Baltic grey seal
R Varjopuro
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Cost effective water protection in the Gulf of Finland–Focus on St. Petersburg
M Kiirikki, P Rantanen, R Varjopuro, A Leppänen, M Hiltunen, H Pitkänen, ...
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Seeking policy-relevant knowledge: a comparative study of the contextualisation of participatory scenarios for the Narew River and Lake Peipsi
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Adaptive governance and the human dimensions of marine mammal management: Implications for policy in a changing North
CL Meek, AL Lovecraft, R Varjopuro, M Dowsley, AT Dale
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M Wildenberg, M Bachhofer, M Adamescu, G De Blust, R Diaz-Delgadod, ...
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Conflict management, participation, social learning and attitudes in biodiversity conservation
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Regulation and monitoring of marine aquaculture in Finland
R Varjopuro, E Sahivirta, T Mäkinen, H Helminen
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AJ Gilbert, K Alexander, R Sardá, R Brazinskaite, C Fischer, K Gee, ...
Coping with persistent environmental problems: systemic delays in reducing eutrophication of the Baltic Sea
R Varjopuro, T Blenckner, T Dolch, AS Heiskanen, M Pihlajamaki, ...
Ecology and Society, 2014
Manual for applying fuzzy cognitive mapping–experiences from ALTER-Net
KGQ Isak, M Wildenberg, CM Adamescu, F Skov, G De Blust, R Varjopuro
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Complexities in keeping the seals away from the catch: building a ‘seal-proof’fishing gear
R Varjopuro, P Salmi
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Co-management and recreational fishing
R Varjopuro, P Salmi
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Integrating fisheries and environmental policies: Nordic experiences
P Degnbol, A Carlberg, H Ellingsen, M Tonder, R Varjopuro, D Wilson
The Institute for Fisheries Management and Coastal Community Development …, 2003
Private water ownership and fisheries governance in Finland
P Salmi, R Varjopuro
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