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Influence of interfacial friction and specimen configuration in Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar system
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New devices to capture the temperature effect under dynamic compression and impact perforation of polymers, application to PMMA
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Thermo-viscoplastic behavior of 304 austenitic stainless steel at various strain rates and temperatures: Testing, modeling and validation
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Material and structural behaviour of PMMA from low temperatures to over the glass transition: Quasi-static and dynamic loading
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Development of an experimental set-up for dynamic force measurements during impact and perforation, coupling to numerical simulations
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A novel technique for dynamic shear testing of bulk metals with application to 304 austenitic stainless steel
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Analysis of friction influence on material deformation under biaxial compression state
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Simple shear behavior and constitutive modeling of 304 stainless steel over a wide range of strain rates and temperatures
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Low temperature mechanical behaviour of PVDF: Cryogenic pre-treatment, quasi-static, cyclic and dynamic experimental testing and modelling
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Thermo-viscoplastic behavior of Ni-Based superalloy Haynes 282 and its application to machining simulation
M Rodríguez-Millán, J Díaz-Álvarez, R Bernier, JL Cantero, A Rusinek, ...
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Postmortem analysis using different sensors and technologies on aramid composites samples after ballistic impact
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Perforation Behavior of 304 Stainless Steel Plates at Various Temperatures
B Jia, A Rusinek, S Bahi, R Bernier, R Pesci, A Bendarma
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Experimental and numerical analysis of conical projectile impact on inconel 718 plates
M Rodríguez-Millán, A Díaz-Álvarez, R Bernier, MH Miguélez, JA Loya
Metals 9 (6), 638, 2019
Effect of severe plastic deformation by 120 deg ECAP or shock impact on 6061 aluminum alloy at high strain rates
T Camalet, A Rusinek, R Bernier, M Karon, R Massion, GZ Voyiadjis, ...
Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology 140 (4), 041001, 2018
Experimental and Numerical Study of the Thermo-Viscoplastic Behavior of NICRO 12.1 for Perforation Tests
E Alonso-Elías, A Rusinek, I Rubio-Díaz, R Bernier, M Rodríguez-Millán, ...
Materials 13 (19), 4311, 2020
Investigation of the dynamic response of different grades of Poly (methyl methacrylate) containing impact modifiers at nanometer scale, over a wide range of temperature and …
RM Boumbimba, A Rusinek, GZ Voyiadjis, R Bernier, P Gérard
11th Workshop Dynamic Behaviour of Materials and its Applications in …, 2017
Temperature and strain rate effect on the mechanical behavior of PMMA and PMMA based acrylic tri-bloc copolymer under compression: characterization and modelling
RM Boumbimba, A Rusinek, R Bernier, M Coulibaly
10th Workshop Dynamic Behaviour of Materials and its Applications in …, 2016
The plausibility of substance dualism as an approach to the mind-body problem: a philosophical and theological inquiry
RJ Bernier
Concordia University, 2004
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