Fei Wen
Fei Wen
Department of Electronic Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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Nonconvex regularization-based sparse and low-rank recovery in signal processing, statistics, and machine learning
F Wenand, L Chu, P Liu, RC Qiu
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Robust Sparse Recovery in Impulsive Noise via - Optimization
F Wen, P Liu, Y Liu, RC Qiu, W Yu
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Efficient and Robust Recovery of Sparse Signal and Image Using Generalized Nonconvex Regularization
F Wen, Y Yang, L Pei, W Yu, P Liu
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Improved MUSIC algorithm for multiple noncoherent subarrays
F Wen, Q Wan, R Fan, H Wei
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AMP-Net: Denoising-based deep unfolding for compressive image sensing
Z Zhang, Y Liu, J Liu, F Wen, C Zhu
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A simple local minimal intensity prior and an improved algorithm for blind image deblurring
F Wen, R Ying, Y Liu, P Liu, TK Truong
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Simultaneously source association, DOA and fading coefficients estimation for multipath signals
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Joint azimuth, elevation, and delay estimation for 3D indoor localization
F Wen, P Liu, H Wei, Z Yi, RC Qiu
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Efficient Nonlinear Precoding for Massive MIMO Downlink Systems with 1-Bit DACs
L Chu, F Wen, L Li, R Qiu
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Nonconvex regularization-based sparse recovery and demixing with application to color image inpainting
F Wen, L Adhikari, L Pei, RF Marcia, P Liu, RC Qiu
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F Wen, Q Wan, H Wei, R Fan, Y Luo
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F Wen, P Liu, Y Liu, RC Qiu, W Yu
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Tightly Coupled Integration of GNSS and Vision SLAM Using 10-DoF Optimization on Manifold
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An Efficient Normalized Rank Based SVM for Room Level Indoor WiFi Localization with Diverse Devices
Y Rezgui, L Pei, X Chen, F Wen, C Han
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DOA and Gain-Phase Errors Estimation for Noncircular Sources with Central Symmetric Array
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Maximum likelihood and signal-selective TDOA estimation for noncircular signals
F Wen, Q Wan
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Eigen-Inference Precoding for Coarsely Quantized Massive MU-MIMO System with Imperfect CSI
L Chu, F Wen, RC Qiu
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 1-14, 2019
Robust beamforming for speech recognition using DNN-based time-frequency masks estimation
W Jiang, F Wen, P Liu
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