Ludovico Danza
Ludovico Danza
Researcher, ITC-CNR
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Nano-PCMs for enhanced energy storage and passive cooling applications
O Colla, L., Fedele, L., Mancin, S., Danza, L., Manca
Applied Thermal Engineering, 584-589, 2017
A review of performance of zero energy buildings and energy efficiency solutions
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Design and development of a nearable wireless system to control indoor air quality and indoor lighting quality
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Energy efficiency of a dynamic glazing system
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Method for the prediction of malfunctions of buildings through real energy consumption analysis: Holistic and multidisciplinary approach of Energy Signature
L Belussi, L Danza
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Integrated method for personal thermal comfort assessment and optimization through users’ feedback, IoT and machine learning: A case study
F Salamone, L Belussi, C Currò, L Danza, M Ghellere, G Guazzi, B Lenzi, ...
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An open source “smart lamp” for the optimization of plant systems and thermal comfort of offices
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A semantic framework for sustainable factories
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A low-cost environmental monitoring system: How to prevent systematic errors in the design phase through the combined use of additive manufacturing and thermographic techniques
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Costruzione e valutazione della sostenibilità dei progetti
S Mattia
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Hourly calculation method of air source heat pump behavior
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Energy Consumption: Impacts of Human Activity, Current and Future Challenges …, 2014
La certificazione energetica degli edifici esistenti
M Cannaviello, A Violano
Leggi e norme di riferimento, 2007
Integration of a do it yourself Hardware in a Lighting Device for the Management of Thermal Comfort and Energy Use
F Salamone, L Belussi, L Danza, M Ghellere, I Meroni
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Application of IoT and Machine Learning techniques for the assessment of thermal comfort perception.
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Energy Procedia 140, 231-239, 2017
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