Van-Thai Pham
Van-Thai Pham
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Femtosecond XANES study of the light-induced spin crossover dynamics in an iron (II) complex
C Bressler, C Milne, VT Pham, A ElNahhas, RM van der Veen, ...
Science 323 (5913), 489-492, 2009
Ultrafast nonadiabatic dynamics of [FeII (bpy) 3] 2+ in solution
W Gawelda, A Cannizzo, VT Pham, F van Mourik, C Bressler, M Chergui
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (26), 8199-8206, 2007
Structural determination of a short-lived excited iron (II) complex by picosecond x-ray absorption spectroscopy
W Gawelda, VT Pham, M Benfatto, Y Zaushitsyn, M Kaiser, D Grolimund, ...
Physical Review Letters 98 (5), 057401, 2007
Picosecond time‐resolved x‐ray emission spectroscopy: ultrafast spin‐state determination in an iron complex
G Vankó, P Glatzel, VT Pham, R Abela, D Grolimund, CN Borca, ...
Angewandte Chemie 122 (34), 6046-6048, 2010
A high-repetition rate scheme for synchrotron-based picosecond laser pump/x-ray probe experiments on chemical and biological systems in solution
FA Lima, CJ Milne, DCV Amarasinghe, MH Rittmann-Frank, RM Veen, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 82 (6), 063111, 2011
Structural Determination of a Photochemically Active Diplatinum Molecule by Time‐Resolved EXAFS Spectroscopy
RM Van Der Veen, CJ Milne, A El Nahhas, FA Lima, VT Pham, J Best, ...
Angewandte Chemie 121 (15), 2749-2752, 2009
Structural analysis of ultrafast extended x-ray absorption fine structure with subpicometer spatial resolution: Application to spin crossover complexes
W Gawelda, VT Pham, RM Van der Veen, D Grolimund, R Abela, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 130 (12), 124520, 2009
Probing the transition from hydrophilic to hydrophobic solvation with atomic scale resolution
VT Pham, TJ Penfold, RM Van Der Veen, F Lima, A El Nahhas, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (32), 12740-12748, 2011
X-ray absorption spectroscopy of ground and excited rhenium–carbonyl–diimine complexes: Evidence for a two-center electron transfer
A El Nahhas, RM Van Der Veen, TJ Penfold, VT Pham, FA Lima, R Abela, ...
The journal of physical chemistry A 117 (2), 361-369, 2013
Is iodate a strongly hydrated cation?
MD Baer, VT Pham, JL Fulton, GK Schenter, M Balasubramanian, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2 (20), 2650-2654, 2011
Observation of the solvent shell reorganization around photoexcited atomic solutes by picosecond X-ray absorption spectroscopy
VT Pham, W Gawelda, Y Zaushitsyn, M Kaiser, D Grolimund, SL Johnson, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (6), 1530-1531, 2007
The solvent shell structure of aqueous iodide: X-ray absorption spectroscopy and classical, hybrid QM/MM and full quantum molecular dynamics simulations
VT Pham, I Tavernelli, CJ Milne, RM van der Veen, P D’Angelo, ...
Chemical Physics 371 (1-3), 24-29, 2010
L-edge XANES analysis of photoexcited metal complexes in solution
RM Van der Veen, JJ Kas, CJ Milne, VT Pham, A El Nahhas, FA Lima, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (21), 5551-5561, 2010
State of supported Pd during catalysis in water
ZA Chase, JL Fulton, DM Camaioni, D Mei, M Balasubramanian, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (34), 17603-17612, 2013
Ion-pairing in aqueous CaCl2 and RbBr solutions: Simultaneous structural refinement of XAFS and XRD data
VT Pham, JL Fulton
The Journal of chemical physics 138 (4), 044201, 2013
The structure of liquid water up to 360 MPa from x-ray diffraction measurements using a high Q-range and from molecular simulation
LB Skinner, M Galib, JL Fulton, CJ Mundy, JB Parise, VT Pham, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 144 (13), 134504, 2016
Optical spectroscopy of thulium-doped oxyfluoroborate glass
KS Lim, P Babu, CK Jayasankar, S Lee, VT Pham, HJ Seo
Journal of alloys and compounds 385 (1-2), 12-18, 2004
Time‐Resolved Interception of Multiple‐Charge Accumulation in a Sensitizer–Acceptor Dyad
S Mendes Marinho, MH Ha‐Thi, VT Pham, A Quaranta, T Pino, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (50), 15936-15940, 2017
Infrared to visible up-conversion in thulium and holmium doped lutetium aluminum garnet
KS Lim, P Babu, SK Lee, VT Pham, DS Hamilton
Journal of luminescence 102, 737-743, 2003
Large magnetic entropy change in a La0. 8Ca0. 2MnO3 single crystal
MH Phan, VT Pham, SC Yu, JR Rhee, NH Hur
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 272, 2337-2339, 2004
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