Hadayet Ullah
Hadayet Ullah
Scientist, WorldFish
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Climate change could drive marine food web collapse through altered trophic flows and cyanobacterial proliferation
H Ullah, I Nagelkerken, SU Goldenberg, DA Fordham
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Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in some commercially important fishes from a tropical river estuary suggests higher potential health risk in children than adults
ASS Ahmed, S Sultana, A Habib, H Ullah, N Musa, MB Hossain, ...
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Fishers’ perceptions of the performance of hilsa shad (Tenualosa ilisha) sanctuaries in Bangladesh
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SDC Ivan Nagelkerken, Silvan U. Goldenberg, Camilo M. Ferreira, Hadayet Ullah
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Reconstruction of total marine fisheries catches for Bangladesh: 1950-2010
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An analysis of the impacts of climatic variability and hydrology on the coastal fisheries, Engraulis encrasicolus and Sepia officinalis, of Portugal
H Ullah, F Leitão, V Baptista, L Chícharo
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Predicting impacts of climate change on forest tree species of Bangladesh: evidence from threatened Dysoxylum binectariferum (Roxb.) Hook. f. ex Bedd.(Meliaceae)
SI Sohel, S Akhter, H Ullah, E Haque, P Rana
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Seasonal fishery closure in the northern Bay of Bengal causes immediate but contrasting ecological and socioeconomic impacts
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Implications of Mangrove Wetland in Socio-environmental Sector: Experiences from Southeast Coast of Chittagong, Bangladesh
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Characteristics and performance of fisheries co-management in Asia - Synthesis of knowledge and case studies: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Philippines and Sri Lanka
C Cohen, P.J. Freed, S. Garces, L.R. Jayakody, S. Khan, A. Mam, K ...
FAO Report,, 2021
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