Hanna Krasnova
Hanna Krasnova
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Online social networks: Why we disclose
H Krasnova, S Spiekermann, K Koroleva, T Hildebrand
Journal of information technology 25 (2), 109-125, 2010
Envy on Facebook: a hidden threat to users' life satisfaction?
H Krasnova, H Wenninger, T Widjaja, P Buxmann
Self-disclosure and privacy calculus on social networking sites: The role of culture
H Krasnova, NF Veltri, O Günther
Business & Information Systems Engineering 4 (3), 127-135, 2012
Privacy concerns and identity in online social networks
H Krasnova, O Günther, S Spiekermann, K Koroleva
Identity in the Information Society 2 (1), 39-63, 2009
Privacy calculus on social networking sites: Explorative evidence from Germany and USA
H Krasnova, NF Veltri
2010 43rd Hawaii international conference on system sciences, 1-10, 2010
" It won't happen to me!": self-disclosure in online social networks
H Krasnova, E Kolesnikova, O Guenther
AIS/ICIS, 2009
Research note—why following friends can hurt you: an exploratory investigation of the effects of envy on social networking sites among college-age users
H Krasnova, T Widjaja, P Buxmann, H Wenninger, I Benbasat
Information systems research 26 (3), 585-605, 2015
Modeling microblogging adoption in the enterprise
O Günther, H Krasnova, D Riehle, V Schöndienst
AMCIS 2009 Proceedings, 544, 2009
Investigating the value of privacy on online social networks: conjoint analysis
H Krasnova, T Hildebrand, O Guenther
It’s all about networking! Empirical investigation of social capital formation on social network sites
K Koroleva, H Krasnova, NF Veltri, O Günther
Why phubbing is toxic for your relationship: Understanding the role of smartphone jealousy among “Generation Y” users
H Krasnova, O Abramova, I Notter, A Baumann
Why participate in an online social network? An empirical analysis
H Krasnova, T Hildebrand, O Guenther, A Kovrigin, A Nowobilska
Why men and women continue to use social networking sites: The role of gender differences
H Krasnova, NF Veltri, N Eling, P Buxmann
The Journal of Strategic Information Systems 26 (4), 261-284, 2017
‘Stop spamming me!’: exploring information overload on Facebook
K Koroleva, H Krasnova, O Günther
Curran, 2010
Understanding the sharing economy: The role of response to negative reviews in the peer-to-peer accommodation sharing network
O Abramova, T Shavanova, A Fuhrer, H Krasnova, P Buxmann
Micro-blogging adoption in the enterprise: An empirical analysis
V Schöndienst, H Krasnova, O Günther, D Riehle, G Schwabe
Abraham Bernstein u. Gerhard Schwabe, 2011
Stop spamming me!
K Koroleva, H Krasnova, O Günther
exploring information overload on Facebook. In: Proc 16th AMCIS, Lima, 2010
Leveraging trust and privacy concerns in online social networks: An empirical study
H Krasnova, E Kolesnikova, O Guenther
Activity matters: Investigating the influence of Facebook on life satisfaction of teenage users
H Wenninger, H Krasnova, P Buxmann
Understanding the role of ICTs in promoting social inclusion: The case of Syrian refugees in Germany
S AbuJarour, H Krasnova
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