Tomi Laurila
Tomi Laurila
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Interfacial reactions between lead-free solders and common base materials
T Laurila, V Vuorinen, JK Kivilahti
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Impurity and alloying effects on interfacial reaction layers in Pb-free soldering
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Cycle aging of commercial NMC/graphite pouch cells at different temperatures
K Jalkanen, J Karppinen, L Skogström, T Laurila, M Nisula, K Vuorilehto
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Effect of Ag, Fe, Au and Ni on the growth kinetics of Sn–Cu intermetallic compound layers
T Laurila, J Hurtig, V Vuorinen, JK Kivilahti
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Evolution of microstructure and failure mechanism of lead-free solder interconnections in power cycling and thermal shock tests
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MA Caro, S Zhang, T Riekkinen, M Ylilammi, MA Moram, ...
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Formation of Intermetallic Compounds Between Liquid Sn and Various CuNix Metallizations
V Vuorinen, H Yu, T Laurila, JK Kivilahti
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Tantalum carbide and nitride diffusion barriers for Cu metallisation
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Phase formation between lead-free solder and finishes
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Reactive phase formation in thin film metal/metal and metal/silicon diffusion couples
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TaC as a diffusion barrier between Si and Cu
T Laurila, K Zeng, JK Kivilahti, J Molarius, I Suni
Journal of applied physics 91 (8), 5391-5399, 2002
New electrochemically improved tetrahedral amorphous carbon films for biological applications
T Laurila, V Protopopova, S Rhode, S Sainio, T Palomäki, M Moram, ...
Diamond and Related Materials 49, 62-71, 2014
Analysis of the redeposition of AuSn4 on Ni/Au contact pads when using SnPbAg, SnAg, and SnAgCu solders
T Laurila, V Vuorinen, T Mattila, JK Kivilahti
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Hybrid carbon based nanomaterials for electrochemical detection of biomolecules
T Laurila, S Sainio, MA Caro
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Reliability of lead-free solder interconnections in thermal and power cycling tests
J Li, J Karppinen, T Laurila, JK Kivilahti
IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technologies 32 (2), 302-308, 2009
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