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djebar baroudi
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Avalanche impact pressure on an instrumented structure
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The cone calorimeter used for predictions of the full‐scale burning behaviour of upholstered furniture
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Dynamical electric wire tomography: a time series approach
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Effects of flow regime and sensor geometry on snow avalanche impact-pressure measurements
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Nonlinear dynamics of uniformly loaded Elastica: Experimental and numerical evidence of motion around curled stable equilibrium configurations
D Baroudi, I Giorgio, A Battista, E Turco, LA Igumnov
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Analysis of upward flame spread
D Baroudi, M Kokkala
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The full-scale avalanche test-site at Lautaret Pass (French Alps)
E Thibert, H Bellot, X Ravanat, F Ousset, G Pulfer, M Naaim, ...
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Gravitational wet avalanche pressure on pylon-like structures
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An instrumented structure to measure avalanche impact pressure: error analysis from Monte Carlo simulations
D Baroudi, E Thibert
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Characterization of avalanche loading on impacted structures: a new approach based on inverse analysis
P Berthet-Rambaud, A Limam, D Baroudi, E Thibert, JM Taillandier
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A thermomechanical explanation for the topology of crack patterns observed on the surface of charred wood and particle fibreboard
D Baroudi, A Ferrantelli, KY Li, S Hostikka
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A simple analytical model for pressure on obstacles induced by snow avalanches
T Faug, B Chanut, R Beguin, M Naaim, E Thibert, D Baroudi
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Impedance imaging and Markov chain Monte Carlo methods
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Extinguishing smouldering fires in silos. Brandforsk project 745-961
M Tuomisaari, D Baroudi, R Latva
A discrete dynamical model for flame spread over combustible flat solid surfaces subject to pyrolysis with charring—an application example to upward flame spread
D Baroudi
Fire safety journal 38 (1), 53-84, 2003
The full-scale avalanche dynamics test site Vallée de la Sionne
B Sovilla, J McElwaine, W Steinkogler, M Hiller, F Dufour, E Suriñach, ...
International Snow Science Workshop Grenoble–Chamonix Mont-Blanc, 2013
Impact energy of an avalanche on a structure
E Thibert, D Baroudi
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Distributed non-singular dislocation technique for cracks in strain gradient elasticity
SM Mousavi, J Paavola, D Baroudi
Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Materials 23 (3-4), 47-58, 2014
Determination of dynamic model parameters of smoke detectors
J Björkman, D Baroudi, R Latva, M Tuomisaari, M Kokkala
Fire safety journal 37 (4), 395-407, 2002
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