Dr. Mobeen Munir
Dr. Mobeen Munir
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Towards peptide vaccines against Zika virus: Immunoinformatics combined with molecular dynamics simulations to predict antigenic epitopes of Zika viral proteins
MU Mirza, S Rafique, A Ali, M Munir, N Ikram, A Manan, OMH Salo-Ahen, ...
Scientific reports 6, 37313, 2016
M-polynomial and degree-based topological indices of polyhex nanotubes
M Munir, W Nazeer, S Rafique, S Kang
Symmetry 8 (12), 149, 2016
M-polynomials and topological indices of titania nanotubes
M Munir, W Nazeer, A Nizami, S Rafique, S Kang
Symmetry 8 (11), 117, 2016
M-polynomial and related topological indices of Nanostar dendrimers
M Munir, W Nazeer, S Rafique, S Kang
Symmetry 8 (9), 97, 2016
Effect of foliar application of NAA on fruit drop, yield and physico-chemical characteristics of guava (Psidium guajava L.) red flesh cultivar.
M Iqbal, MQ Khan, K Rehman, M Munir
Journal of Agricultural Research (03681157) 47 (3), 2009
Rape and mustard in Pakistan
KA Rehman, M Munir, A Yousaf
PARC, Islamabad, 101-105, 1987
M-Polynomials and topological indices of V-Phenylenic Nanotubes and Nanotori
YC Kwun, M Munir, W Nazeer, S Rafique, SM Kang
Scientific reports 7 (1), 8756, 2017
Some invariants of circulant graphs
M Munir, W Nazeer, Z Shahzadi, S Kang
Symmetry 8 (11), 134, 2016
Integrated diabetes care in Derby: New NHS organisations for new NHS challenges
RD Rea, S Gregory, M Browne, M Iqbal, S Holloway, M Munir, H Rose, ...
Practical Diabetes 28 (7), 312-313, 2011
Some computational aspects of triangular boron nanotubes
M Munir, W Nazeer, S Rafique, AR Nizami, SM Kang
Preprints, 2016
Classification of compact homogeneous spaces with invariant -structures
H Van Le, M Munir
arXiv preprint arXiv:0912.0169, 2009
Some computational aspects of boron triangular nanotubes
M Munir, W Nazeer, S Rafique, A Nizami, S Kang
Symmetry 9 (1), 6, 2017
M-polynomials and topological indices of zigzag and rhombic benzenoid systems
A Ali, W Nazeer, M Munir, SM Kang
Open Chemistry 16 (1), 73-78, 2018
Floral characteristics of the different male date palms and their response to fruit setting and yield of cv Dhakki
M Iqbal, M Munir, M Khan
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research (Pakistan), 2009
Some algebraic polynomials and topological indices of generalized prism and toroidal polyhex networks
M Ajmal, W Nazeer, M Munir, SM Kang, YC Kwun
Symmetry 9 (1), 5, 2017
Anti-mycotic potential of Trichoderma spp. and leaf biomass of Azadirachta indica against the charcoal rot pathogen, Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid in …
A Shoaib, M Munir, A Javaid, ZA Awan, M Rafiq
Egyptian Journal of Biological Pest Control 28 (1), 26, 2018
Some invariants of Jahangir graphs
M Munir, W Nazeer, S Kang, M Qureshi, A Nizami, Y Kwun
Symmetry 9 (1), 17, 2017
Rainfed farming systems and socio-economic aspects in Kalat Division (Highland Balochistan)
K Mahmood, M Munir, S Rafique
Pakistan J. Agric. and Social Sci 5, 15-20, 1991
M-polynomials and topological indices of hex-derived networks
SM Kang, W Nazeer, MA Zahid, AR Nizami, A Aslam, M Munir
Open Physics 16 (1), 394-403, 2018
On Molecular Descriptors of Carbon Nanocones
W Nazeer, A Farooq, M Younas, M Munir, S Kang
Biomolecules 8 (3), 92, 2018
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