Dr. Krishna Nune
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Understanding the impact of grain structure in austenitic stainless steel from a nanograined regime to a coarse-grained regime on osteoblast functions using a novel metal …
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Fabrication of open-cellular (porous) titanium alloy implants: osseointegration, vascularization and preliminary human trials
SJ Li, XK Li, WT Hou, KC Nune, RDK Misra, VL Correa-Rodriguez, Z Guo, ...
C ellular response of osteoblasts to low modulus Ti‐24Nb‐4Zr‐8Sn alloy mesh structure
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Advancements in three-dimensional titanium alloy mesh scaffolds fabricated by electron beam melting for biomedical devices: Mechanical and biological aspects
KC Nune, SJ Li, RDK Misra, RDK Misra
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