Siyuan Gao
Siyuan Gao
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Task-induced brain state manipulation improves prediction of individual traits
AS Greene, S Gao, D Scheinost, RT Constable
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Braingnn: Interpretable brain graph neural network for fmri analysis
X Li, Y Zhou, N Dvornek, M Zhang, S Gao, J Zhuang, D Scheinost, ...
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Ten simple rules for predictive modeling of individual differences in neuroimaging
D Scheinost, S Noble, C Horien, AS Greene, EMR Lake, M Salehi, S Gao, ...
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Combining multiple connectomes improves predictive modeling of phenotypic measures
S Gao, AS Greene, RT Constable, D Scheinost
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EW Avery, K Yoo, MD Rosenberg, AS Greene, S Gao, DL Na, D Scheinost, ...
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How tasks change whole-brain functional organization to reveal brain-phenotype relationships
AS Greene, S Gao, S Noble, D Scheinost, RT Constable
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A hitchhiker’s guide to working with large, open-source neuroimaging datasets
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Rclens: Interactive rare category exploration and identification
H Lin, S Gao, D Gotz, F Du, J He, N Cao
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Nonlinear manifold learning in functional magnetic resonance imaging uncovers a low‐dimensional space of brain dynamics
S Gao, G Mishne, D Scheinost
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Transdiagnostic, connectome-based prediction of memory constructs across psychiatric disorders
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Adaptively exploring population mobility patterns in flow visualization
F Wang, W Chen, Y Zhao, T Gu, S Gao, H Bao
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Brainhack: Developing a culture of open, inclusive, community-driven neuroscience
R Gau, S Noble, K Heuer, KL Bottenhorn, IP Bilgin, YF Yang, ...
Neuron 109 (11), 1769-1775, 2021
Large-scale differences in functional organization of left-and right-handed individuals using whole-brain, data-driven analysis of connectivity
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Predicting the future of neuroimaging predictive models in mental health
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Transdiagnostic connectome-based prediction of craving
KA Garrison, R Sinha, MN Potenza, S Gao, Q Liang, C Lacadie, ...
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Smooth graph learning for functional connectivity estimation
S Gao, X Xia, D Scheinost, G Mishne
NeuroImage 239, 118289, 2021
Poincaré embedding reveals edge-based functional networks of the brain
S Gao, G Mishne, D Scheinost
Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention–MICCAI 2020: 23rd …, 2020
The instability of functional connectomes across the first year of life
AJ Dufford, S Noble, S Gao, D Scheinost
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Using functional connectivity models to characterize relationships between working and episodic memory
GF Stark, EW Avery, MD Rosenberg, AS Greene, S Gao, D Scheinost, ...
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A mass multivariate edge-wise approach for combining multiple connectomes to improve the detection of group differences
J Dadashkarimi, S Gao, E Yeagle, S Noble, D Scheinost
Connectomics in NeuroImaging: Third International Workshop, CNI 2019, Held …, 2019
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