Antoine Jerusalem
Antoine Jerusalem
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Mechanics of the brain: perspectives, challenges, and opportunities
A Goriely, MGD Geers, GA Holzapfel, J Jayamohan, A Jérusalem, ...
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Mechanistic models versus machine learning, a fight worth fighting for the biological community?
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Computational biology—modeling of primary blast effects on the central nervous system
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Design of FDM 3D printed polymers: An experimental-modelling methodology for the prediction of mechanical properties
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On the microtwinning mechanism in a single crystal superalloy
D Barba, E Alabort, S Pedrazzini, DM Collins, AJ Wilkinson, PAJ Bagot, ...
Acta Materialia 135, 314-329, 2017
Three-dimensional investigation of grain boundary–twin interactions in a Mg AZ31 alloy by electron backscatter diffraction and continuum modeling
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Continuum modeling of the response of a Mg alloy AZ31 rolled sheet during uniaxial deformation
A Fernández, MTP Prado, Y Wei, A Jérusalem
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On the mechanical behaviour of PEEK and HA cranial implants under impact loading
D Garcia-Gonzalez, J Jayamohan, SN Sotiropoulos, SH Yoon, J Cook, ...
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Rapid and efficient differentiation of functional motor neurons from human iPSC for neural injury modelling
F Bianchi, M Malboubi, Y Li, JH George, A Jerusalem, F Szele, ...
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Three-dimensional model of strength and ductility of polycrystalline copper containing nanoscale twins
A Jerusalem, M Dao, S Suresh, R Radovitzky
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Ballistic performance of nanocrystalline and nanotwinned ultrafine crystal steel
J Frontán, Y Zhang, M Dao, J Lu, F Gálvez, A Jérusalem
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A micro–meso-model of intra-laminar fracture in fiber-reinforced composites based on a discontinuous Galerkin/cohesive zone method
L Wu, D Tjahjanto, G Becker, A Makradi, A Jérusalem, L Noels
Engineering Fracture Mechanics 104, 162-183, 2013
Multi-scale mechanisms of twinning-detwinning in magnesium alloy AZ31B simulated by crystal plasticity modeling and validated via in situ synchrotron XRD and in situ SEM-EBSD
H Zhang, A Jérusalem, E Salvati, C Papadaki, KS Fong, X Song, ...
International Journal of Plasticity 119, 43-56, 2019
The specification of geometric edges by a plant Rab GTPase is an essential cell-patterning principle during organogenesis in Arabidopsis
C Kirchhelle, CM Chow, C Foucart, H Neto, YD Stierhof, M Kalde, ...
Developmental cell 36 (4), 386-400, 2016
On the composition of microtwins in a single crystal nickel-based superalloy
D Barba, S Pedrazzini, A Vilalta-Clemente, AJ Wilkinson, MP Moody, ...
Scripta Materialia 127, 37-40, 2017
A computational model coupling mechanics and electrophysiology in spinal cord injury
A Jérusalem, JA García-Grajales, A Merchán-Pérez, JM Peña
Biomechanics and modeling in mechanobiology 13, 883-896, 2014
Electrophysiological-mechanical coupling in the neuronal membrane and its role in ultrasound neuromodulation and general anaesthesia
A Jerusalem, Z Al-Rekabi, H Chen, A Ercole, M Malboubi, ...
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Computational model of the mechanoelectrophysiological coupling in axons with application to neuromodulation
H Chen, D Garcia-Gonzalez, A Jérusalem
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A continuum mechanics constitutive framework for transverse isotropic soft tissues
D Garcia-Gonzalez, A Jérusalem, S Garzon-Hernandez, R Zaera, A Arias
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 112, 209-224, 2018
Continuum modeling of a neuronal cell under blast loading
A Jérusalem, M Dao
Acta biomaterialia 8 (9), 3360-3371, 2012
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