Tong Xu
Tong Xu
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Disentangled graph collaborative filtering
X Wang, H Jin, A Zhang, X He, T Xu, TS Chua
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A survey on multimodal large language models
S Yin, C Fu, S Zhao, K Li, X Sun, T Xu, E Chen
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Methods and apparatus for associating interest tags with media items based on social diffusions among users
T Xu, H Zhu, CAO Huanhuan, D Liu, J Tian
US Patent App. 14/400,943, 2015
Enhancing person-job fit for talent recruitment: An ability-aware neural network approach
C Qin, H Zhu, T Xu, C Zhu, L Jiang, E Chen, H Xiong
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Integrating graph contextualized knowledge into pre-trained language models
B He, D Zhou, J Xiao, Q Liu, NJ Yuan, T Xu
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Structure-aware interactive graph neural networks for the prediction of protein-ligand binding affinity
S Li, J Zhou, T Xu, L Huang, F Wang, H Xiong, W Huang, D Dou, H Xiong
Proceedings of the 27th ACM SIGKDD conference on knowledge discovery & data …, 2021
STMARL: A spatio-temporal multi-agent reinforcement learning approach for cooperative traffic light control
Y Wang, T Xu, X Niu, C Tan, E Chen, H Xiong
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MCNE: An end-to-end framework for learning multiple conditional network representations of social network
H Wang, T Xu, Q Liu, D Lian, E Chen, D Du, H Wu, W Su
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An enhanced neural network approach to person-job fit in talent recruitment
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Geomgcl: Geometric graph contrastive learning for molecular property prediction
S Li, J Zhou, T Xu, D Dou, H Xiong
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Measuring the popularity of job skills in recruitment market: A multi-criteria approach
T Xu, H Zhu, C Zhu, P Li, H Xiong
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A two-stage 3D CNN based learning method for spontaneous micro-expression recognition
S Zhao, H Tao, Y Zhang, T Xu, K Zhang, Z Hao, E Chen
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Attention as relation: learning supervised multi-head self-attention for relation extraction
J Liu, S Chen, B Wang, J Zhang, N Li, T Xu
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MMEA: entity alignment for multi-modal knowledge graph
L Chen, Z Li, Y Wang, T Xu, Z Wang, E Chen
Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management: 13th International Conference …, 2020
Intelligent electric vehicle charging recommendation based on multi-agent reinforcement learning
W Zhang, H Liu, F Wang, T Xu, H Xin, D Dou, H Xiong
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Reading the videos: Temporal labeling for crowdsourced time-sync videos based on semantic embedding
G Lv, T Xu, E Chen, Q Liu, Y Zheng
Proceedings of the AAAI conference on artificial intelligence 30 (1), 2016
Regularizing neural machine translation by target-bidirectional agreement
Z Zhang, S Wu, S Liu, M Li, M Zhou, T Xu
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Taxi driving behavior analysis in latent vehicle-to-vehicle networks: A social influence perspective
T Xu, H Zhu, X Zhao, Q Liu, H Zhong, E Chen, H Xiong
Proceedings of the 22nd ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge …, 2016
A radical-aware attention-based model for chinese text classification
H Tao, S Tong, H Zhao, T Xu, B Jin, Q Liu
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Voice of charity: Prospecting the donation recurrence & donor retention in crowdfunding
H Zhao, B Jin, Q Liu, Y Ge, E Chen, X Zhang, T Xu
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 32 (8), 1652-1665, 2019
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