Alan Bourke
Alan Bourke
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Evaluation of a threshold-based tri-axial accelerometer fall detection algorithm
AK Bourke, JV O’brien, GM Lyons
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Fall detection-principles and methods
N Noury, A Fleury, P Rumeau, AK Bourke, GO Laighin, V Rialle, JE Lundy
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A proposal for the classification and evaluation of fall detectors
N Noury, P Rumeau, AK Bourke, G ÓLaighin, JE Lundy
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L Gao, AK Bourke, J Nelson
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Evaluation of waist-mounted tri-axial accelerometer based fall-detection algorithms during scripted and continuous unscripted activities
AK Bourke, P Van de Ven, M Gamble, R O’connor, K Murphy, E Bogan, ...
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A Godfrey, AK Bourke, GM Olaighin, P Van De Ven, J Nelson
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AK Bourke, KJ O’Donovan, G Olaighin
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L Schwickert, C Becker, U Lindemann, C Maréchal, A Bourke, L Chiari, ...
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Testing of a long-term fall detection system incorporated into a custom vest for the elderly
AK Bourke, PWJ Van de Ven, AE Chaya, GM OLaighin, J Nelson
2008 30th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2008
Innovations in health care services: The CAALYX system
A Rocha, A Martins, JCF Junior, MNK Boulos, ME Vicente, R Feld, ...
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The measurement of sedentary patterns and behaviors using the activPAL™ professional physical activity monitor
KP Dowd, DM Harrington, AK Bourke, J Nelson, AE Donnelly
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Cross-sectional analysis of levels and patterns of objectively measured sedentary time in adolescent females
DM Harrington, KP Dowd, AK Bourke, AE Donnelly
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AK Bourke, P Van De Ven, M Gamble, R O'Connor, K Murphy, E Bogan, ...
2010 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and …, 2010
The complexity of daily life walking in older adult community-dwelling fallers and non-fallers
EAF Ihlen, A Weiss, A Bourke, JL Helbostad, JM Hausdorff
Journal of biomechanics 49 (9), 1420-1428, 2016
An optimum accelerometer configuration and simple algorithm for accurately detecting falls
A Bourkeφ, CN Scanaillφ, K Culhaneφ, J O’Brien, G Lyonsφ
Proposal for a multiphase fall model based on real-world fall recordings with body-fixed sensors
C Becker, L Schwickert, S Mellone, F Bagalà, L Chiari, JL Helbostad, ...
Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie 45 (8), 707-715, 2012
The FARSEEING real-world fall repository: a large-scale collaborative database to collect and share sensor signals from real-world falls
J Klenk, L Schwickert, L Palmerini, S Mellone, A Bourke, EAF Ihlen, ...
European review of aging and physical activity 13 (1), 1-7, 2016
Fall-detection through vertical velocity thresholding using a tri-axial accelerometer characterized using an optical motion-capture system
AK Bourke, KJ O'Donovan, J Nelson, GM OLaighin
2008 30th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2008
A system for activity recognition using multi-sensor fusion
L Gao, AK Bourke, J Nelson
2011 Annual international conference of the IEEE engineering in medicine and …, 2011
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