Yixiu Wang
Yixiu Wang
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Field-effect transistors made from solution-grown two-dimensional tellurene
Y Wang, G Qiu, R Wang, S Huang, Q Wang, Y Liu, Y Du, WA Goddard, ...
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Large‐area direct laser‐shock imprinting of a 3D biomimic hierarchical metal surface for triboelectric nanogenerators
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Solution-synthesized chiral piezoelectric selenium nanowires for wearable self-powered human-integrated monitoring
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C Shen, Y Liu, J Wu, C Xu, D Cui, Z Li, Q Liu, Y Li, Y Wang, X Cao, ...
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Phase-Selective Synthesis of Cu2ZnSnS4 Nanocrystals through Cation Exchange for Photovoltaic Devices
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Data-driven and probabilistic learning of the process-structure-property relationship in solution-grown tellurene for optimized nanomanufacturing of high-performance …
Y Wang, RSB Ferreira, R Wang, G Qiu, G Li, Y Qin, DY Peide, A Sabbaghi, ...
Nano Energy 57, 480-491, 2019
Imaging carrier inhomogeneities in ambipolar tellurene field effect transistors
S Berweger, G Qiu, Y Wang, B Pollard, KL Genter, R Tyrrell-Ead, ...
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Wearable high-dielectric-constant polymers with core–shell liquid metal inclusions for biomechanical energy harvesting and a self-powered user interface
S Gao, R Wang, C Ma, Z Chen, Y Wang, M Wu, Z Tang, N Bao, D Ding, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (12), 7109-7117, 2019
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