Nuno Lopes
Nuno Lopes
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A general framework for representing, reasoning and querying with annotated semantic web data
A Zimmermann, N Lopes, A Polleres, U Straccia
Journal of Web Semantics 11, 72-95, 2012
Mapping between RDF and XML with XSPARQL
S Bischof, S Decker, T Krennwallner, N Lopes, A Polleres
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AnQL: SPARQLing up annotated RDFS
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A general framework for representing and reasoning with annotated semantic web data
U Straccia, N Lopes, G Lukacsy, A Polleres
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Unsupervised method for enriching RDF data sources from denormalized data
V Bicer, N Lopes, S Kotoulas, M Stephenson
US Patent 11,068,439, 2021
A logic programming approach for access control over RDF
N Lopes, S Kirrane, A Zimmermann, A Polleres, A Mileo
Technical Communications of the 28th International Conference on Logic …, 2012
RDF needs annotations
A Hogan, G Lukacsy, N Lopes, A Polleres, U Straccia, A Zimmermann, ...
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Linked data authority records for Irish place names
C Ryan, R Grant, EÓ Carragáin, S Collins, S Decker, N Lopes
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On the semantics of heterogeneous querying of relational, XML and RDF data with XSPARQL
N Lopes, S Bischof, S Decker, A Polleres
Proceedings of the 15th Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence …, 2011
Querying the Web of Data with XSPARQL 1.1.
D Dell'Aglio, A Polleres, N Lopes, S Bischof
ISWC (Developers Workshop), 113-118, 2014
Universal adaptor for rapid development of web-based data visualizations
S Braghin, I Gkoufas, N Lopes, R Verago
US Patent App. 14/980,043, 2017
Improve Efficiency of Mapping Data between XML and RDF with XSPARQL
S Bischof, N Lopes, A Polleres
International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems, 232-237, 2011
Towards logic programs with ordered and unordered disjunction
P Kärger, N Lopes, D Olmedilla, A Polleres
Proceedings of Workshop on Answer Set Programming and Other Computing …, 2008
XSPARQL language specification
A Polleres, T Krennwallner, N Lopes, J Kopecký, S Decker
XSPARQL Submission, 1, 2009
Update Semantics for Interoperability among XML, RDF and RDB
MI Ali, N Lopes, O Friel, A Mileo
Asia-Pacific Web Conference, 43-50, 2013
Protect Your RDF Data!
S Kirrane, N Lopes, A Mileo, S Decker
Joint International Semantic Technology Conference, 81-96, 2012
A general framework for representing, reasoning and querying with annotated semantic web data
N Lopes, G Lukácsy, A Polleres, U Straccia, A Zimmermann
Technical report, DERI, 2010. http://www. deri. ie/fileadmin/documents/DERI …, 2010
Contextual Logic Programming for Ontology Representation and Querying.
N Lopes, C Fernandes, S Abreu
ALPSWS, 2007
Mobility mining for journey planning in Rome
M Berlingerio, V Bicer, A Botea, S Braghin, N Lopes, R Guidotti, F Pratesi
Joint European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in …, 2015
RDF and XML: Towards a unified query layer
N Lopes, A Polleres, A Passant, S Decker, S Bischof, D Berrueta, ...
Proc. W3C workshop on RDF next steps, No pagination., 2010
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