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Influence of the Discretization Methods on the Distribution of Relaxation Times Deconvolution: Implementing Radial Basis Functions with DRTtools
TH Wan, M Saccoccio, C Chen, F Ciucci
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Graph networks as a universal machine learning framework for molecules and crystals
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Nonstoichiometric Oxides as Low-Cost and Highly-Efficient Oxygen Reduction/Evolution Catalysts for Low-Temperature Electrochemical Devices
D Chen†, C Chen†, ZM Baiyee, Z Shao, F Ciucci
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Performance and Cost Assessment of Machine Learning Interatomic Potentials
Y Zuo, C Chen, X Li, Z Deng, Y Chen, J Behler, G Csányi, AV Shapeev, ...
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A critical review of machine learning of energy materials
C Chen*, Y Zuo, W Ye, X Li, Z Deng, SP Ong*
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Analysis of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Data Using the Distribution of Relaxation Times: A Bayesian and Hierarchical Bayesian Approach
F Ciucci, C Chen
Electrochimica Acta 167, 439-454, 2015
Optimal Regularization in Distribution of Relaxation Times applied to Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy: Ridge and Lasso Regression Methods-A Theoretical and Experimental …
M Saccoccio, TH Wan, C Chen, F Ciucci
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Deep neural networks for accurate predictions of crystal stability
W Ye, C Chen, Z Wang, IH Chu, SP Ong
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Recent advances and applications of deep learning methods in materials science
K Choudhary, B DeCost, C Chen, A Jain, F Tavazza, R Cohn, CW Park, ...
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Theoretical and experimental investigation on a thermoelectric cooling and heating system driven by solar
W He, J Zhou, J Hou, C Chen, J Ji
Applied Energy 107, 89-97, 2013
Probing solid–solid interfacial reactions in all-solid-state sodium-ion batteries with first-principles calculations
H Tang, Z Deng, Z Lin, Z Wang, IH Chu, C Chen, Z Zhu, C Zheng, SP Ong
Chemistry of Materials 30 (1), 163-173, 2018
Complex strengthening mechanisms in the NbMoTaW multi-principal element alloy
XG Li, C Chen, H Zheng, Y Zuo, SP Ong
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A universal graph deep learning interatomic potential for the periodic table
C Chen*, SP Ong*
Nature Computational Science 2 (11), 718-728, 2022
Accurate force field for molybdenum by machine learning large materials data
C Chen, Z Deng, R Tran, H Tang, IH Chu, SP Ong
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Grain boundary properties of elemental metals
H Zheng, XG Li, R Tran, C Chen, M Horton, D Winston, KA Persson, ...
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Defect chemistry and lithium transport in Li3OCl anti-perovskite superionic conductors
Z Lu, C Chen, ZM Baiyee, X Chen, C Niu, F Ciucci
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (48), 32547-32555, 2015
The effect of A-site and B-site substitution on BaFeO3−δ: An investigation as a cathode material for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
J Wang, M Saccoccio, D Chen, Y Gao, C Chen, F Ciucci
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Learning properties of ordered and disordered materials from multi-fidelity data
C Chen, Y Zuo, W Ye, X Li, SP Ong
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High-throughput computational X-ray absorption spectroscopy
K Mathew, C Zheng, D Winston, C Chen, A Dozier, JJ Rehr, SP Ong, ...
Scientific data 5 (1), 1-8, 2018
Automated generation and ensemble-learned matching of X-ray absorption spectra
C Zheng†, K Mathew†, C Chen†, Y Chen, H Tang, A Dozier, JJ Kas, ...
npj Computational Materials 4 (1), 12, 2018
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