David Cabrera
David Cabrera
School of Pharmacy and Bioengineering
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A single picture explains diversity of hyperthermia response of magnetic nanoparticles
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Emergence of the Stoner-Wohlfarth astroid in thin films at dynamic regime
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Controlling human platelet activation with calcium-binding nanoparticles
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Instrumentation for magnetic hyperthermia
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Crystallization kinetics and soft magnetic properties in metalloid-free (Fe, Co) 90Zr10 amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys
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Cover Picture: Elucidation of the Physicochemical Properties Ruling the Colloidal Stability of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles under Physiological Conditions (ChemNanoMat 3/2017)
A Aires, D Cabrera, LC Alonso‐Pardo, AL Cortajarena, FJ Teran
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Optical probes reveal intracellular magnetization dynamics for biological microscopy and magnetic hyperthermia
ME Sharifabad, R Soucaille, M Rotherham, T Loughran, J Everett, ...
Keele University, 2022
Esterase-Cleavable 2D Assemblies of Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanocubes: Exploiting Enzymatic Polymer Disassembling to Improve Magnetic Hyperthermia Heat Losses
S Kumar Avugadda, ME Materia, R Nigmatullin, D Cabrera, R Marotta, ...
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Influence of the intracellular environment on the dynamical magnetic response of iron oxide nanoparticles
D Cabrera, A Coene, J Leliaert, EJ Artés-Ibáñez, L Dupré, N Telling, ...
12th International conference on the Scientific and Clinical Applications of …, 2018
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