Marco Colossi Brustolin
Marco Colossi Brustolin
PhD, Research Fellow, Institute of Marine Research - Havforskningsinstituttet, Norway
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Future ocean climate homogenizes communities across habitats through diversity loss and rise of generalist species
M Colossi Brustolin, I Nagelkerken, C Moitinho Ferreira, ...
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The state of the art of Xyalidae (Nematoda, Monhysterida) with reference to the Brazilian records
V Venekey, PF Gheller, TF Maria, MC Brustolin, N Kandratavicius, ...
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Does Encope emarginata (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) affect spatial variation patterns of estuarine subtidal meiofauna and microphytobenthos?
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A functional and morphological approach to evaluate the vertical migration of estuarine intertidal nematodes during a tidal cycle
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Large‐scale distribution patterns of mangrove nematodes: A global meta‐analysis
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Bioturbation by the sand dollar Encope emarginata (Echinoidea, Mellitidae) changes the composition and size structure of microphytobenthic assemblages
MC Brustolin, MC Thomas, LL Mafra Jr, P da Cunha Lana
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Composition and abundance of benthic microalgae from the Estuarine Complex of Paranaguá Bay (southern Brazil) with special emphasis on toxic species
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Ocean and Coastal Research, 2020
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segRDA: An r package for performing piecewise redundancy analysis
DC Vieira, MC Brustolin, FC Ferreira, G Fonseca
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Responses of the macrobenthic community to the Dalian Bay oil spill based on co-occurrence patterns and interaction networks
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Ecography 44 (6), 966-974, 2021
The importance of shell debris for within-patch heterogeneity and disturbance-recovery dynamics of intertidal macrofauna
MC Brustolin, RV Gladstone-Gallagher, J Hewitt, AM Lohrer, SF Thrush
Marine Ecology Progress Series 700, 53-64, 2022
Habitat Attributes Dictate the Roles of Dispersal and Environmental Filtering on Metacommunity Assembly at Coastal Soft-Bottom Ecosystems
MC Brustolin, G Fonseca, F Gallucci
Estuaries and Coasts 45 (2), 592-602, 2022
Benthic Habitat Quality Assessment in Estuarine Intertidal Flats Based on Long-Term Data with Focus on Responses to Eco-Restoration Activity
A Zhang, Y Gu, X Yuan, MC Brustolin, X Yang, R Zhang, Z Wang, H Shi
Water 14 (23), 3846, 2022
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