Felipe Fernandez
Felipe Fernandez
T. Professor, UPM
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Opportunities and challenges of the Internet of Things for healthcare: Systems engineering perspective
F Fernandez, GC Pallis
2014 4th International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and …, 2014
Praziquantel treatment of porcine brain and muscle Taenia solium cysticercosis
A Flisser, D Gonzalez, M Shkurovich, I Madrazo, D Correa, ...
Parasitology research 76 (3), 263-269, 1990
Improving image segmentation quality through effective region merging using a hierarchical social metaheuristic
A Duarte, Á Sánchez, F Fernández, AS Montemayor
Pattern Recognition Letters 27 (11), 1239-1251, 2006
Review of gas turbine models for power system stability studies
P Centeno, I Egido, C Domingo, F Fernandez, L Rouco, M Gonzalez
9th Spanish Portuguese congress on electrical engineering, 2005
Particle filter on GPUs for real-time tracking
AS Montemayor, JJ Pantrigo, Á Sánchez, F Fernández
ACM SIGGRAPH 2004 Posters, 94, 2004
Liver transplantation for fulminant hepatic failure: importance of renal failure
A Mendoza, F Fernandez, DJ Mutimer
Transplant international 10 (1), 55-60, 1996
Profiles of substance use disorders in patients of therapeutic communities: Link to social, medical and psychiatric characteristics
D Fernández-Calderón, F Fernández, S Ruiz-Curado, A Verdejo-García, ...
Drug and alcohol dependence 149, 31-39, 2015
Ciprofloxacin in the treatment of gram-positive bacterial peritonitis in patients undergoing CAPD
M Pérez-Fontán, M Rosales, F Fernández, J Moncalián, ...
Peritoneal dialysis international 11 (3), 233-236, 1991
A low-level hybridization between memetic algorithm and VNS for the max-cut problem
A Duarte, Á Sánchez, F Fernández, R Cabido
Proceedings of the 7th annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary …, 2005
A hierarchical social metaheuristic for the max-cut problem
A Duarte, F Fernández, Á Sánchez, A Sanz
European Conference on Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial …, 2004
A fuzzy controller with an optimized defuzzification algorithm
A Ruiz, J Gutiérrez, JF Fernández
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing 15 (06), W40-W49, 1995
A Takagi–Sugeno model with fuzzy inputs viewed from multidimensional interval analysis
F Fernández, J Gutiérrez
Fuzzy Sets and Systems 135 (1), 39-61, 2003
Improving GPU particle filter with shader model 3.0 for visual tracking
AS Montemayor, BR Payne, JJ Pantrigo, R Cabido, Á Sánchez, ...
ACM SIGGRAPH 2006 Research posters, 55-es, 2006
Diuretic and hypotensive activities of 4-anilino derivatives of 2-methylthiopyrido [2, 3-d] pyrimidines.
A Monge, V Martinez-Merino, C Sanmartin, FJ Fernandez, MC Ochoa, ...
Arzneimittel-forschung 40 (11), 1230-1233, 1990
Seguridad en el trabajo: manual para la formación del especialista
J Espeso, F Fernández, M Espeso, B Fernández
Valladolid: Lex Nova, 2007
Top-down evolutionary image segmentation using a hierarchical social metaheuristic
A Duarte, Á Sánchez, F Fernández, AS Montemayor, JJ Pantrigo
Workshops on Applications of Evolutionary Computation, 301-311, 2004
Fibra dietética
F Fernández, MÁ Gassull
Tratado de Nutrición. Madrid: Díaz de Santos, 125-138, 1999
Impact of wind power generators on the frequency stability of synchronous generators
L Rouco, JL Zamora, I Egido, F Fernández-Bernal
Proceedings of the Cigré Session, 2008
A step towards conceptually improving Takagi-Sugeno's Approximation
S Guadarrama, E Trillas, J Gutiérrez, F Fernández
Intelligent Systems for Information Processing, 71-80, 2003
A software pipelining method based on a hierarchical social algorithm
F Fernández, A Duarte, A Sánchez
Proc. 1st, 382-385, 2003
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