Ramana Murthy
Ramana Murthy
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Video and image based emotion recognition challenges in the wild: Emotiw 2015
A Dhall, OV Ramana Murthy, R Goecke, J Joshi, T Gedeon
Proceedings of the 2015 ACM on international conference on multimodal …, 2015
Fuzzy model based recognition of handwritten numerals
M Hanmandlu, OVR Murthy
Pattern Recognition 40 (6), 1840-1854, 2007
Fuzzy Model based recognition of handwritten Hindi characters
M Hanmandlu, OVR Murthy, VK Madasu
9th Biennial Conference of the Australian Pattern Recognition Society on …, 2007
Ordered trajectories for large scale human action recognition
OV Murthy, R Goecke
Proceedings of the IEEE international conference on computer vision …, 2013
A novel approach to classification of facial expressions from 3D-mesh datasets using modified PCA
YV Venkatesh, AA Kassim, OVR Murthy
Pattern Recognition Letters 30 (12), 1128-1137, 2009
Adaptive stick–slip friction and backlash compensation using dynamic fuzzy logic system
S Suraneni, IN Kar, OVR Murthy, RKP Bhatt
Applied Soft Computing 6 (1), 26-37, 2005
Stress detection in working people
S Sriramprakash, VD Prasanna, OVR Murthy
Procedia computer science 115, 359-366, 2017
Resampling approach to facial expression recognition using 3D meshes
YV Venkatesh, AK Kassim, OVR Murthy
2010 20th international conference on pattern recognition, 3772-3775, 2010
Play with me—Measuring a child's engagement in a social interaction
SS Rajagopalan, OVR Murthy, R Goecke, A Rozga
2015 11th IEEE International Conference and Workshops on Automatic Face and …, 2015
Ordered trajectories for human action recognition with large number of classes
OVR Murthy, R Goecke
Image and Vision Computing 42, 22-34, 2015
Extended dynamic fuzzy logic system (DFLS) based indirect stable adaptive control of non-linear systems
OV Ramana Murthy, RKP Bhatt, N Ahmad
Applied Soft Computing 4 (2), 109-119, 2004
Thermal imaging based elderly fall detection
S Vadivelu, S Ganesan, OVR Murthy, A Dhall
Asian Conference on Computer Vision, 541-553, 2016
Zoning based Devanagari character recognition
OVR Murthy, M Hanmandlu
International Journal of Computer Applications 27 (4), 21-25, 2011
Devanagari character recognition in the wild
OV Ramana, S Roy, V Narang, M Hanmandlu
International Journal of Computer Applications 38 (4), 38-45, 2012
Multi-level feature fusion for group-level emotion recognition
B Balaji, VRM Oruganti
Proceedings of the 19th ACM international conference on multimodal …, 2017
Devanagari character recognition in scene images
V Narang, S Roy, OVR Murthy, M Hanmandlu
2013 12th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition, 902-906, 2013
An approach to divide pre-detected Devanagari words from the scene images into characters
OV Ramana Murthy, S Roy, V Narang, M Hanmandlu, S Gupta
Signal, Image and Video Processing, 1-12, 2012
Interactive Fuzzy Model Based Recognition of Handwritten numerals
R Murthy, M Hanmandlu
Journal of Pattern Recognition Research 6 (2), 154-165, 2011
Dense body part trajectories for human action recognition
OVR Murthy, I Radwan, R Goecke
2014 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 1465-1469, 2014
The influence of temporal information on human action recognition with large number of classes
OVR Murthy, R Goecke
2014 International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and …, 2014
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