Floriano Paes Silva Junior
Floriano Paes Silva Junior
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Key topics in molecular docking for drug design
PHM Torres, ACR Sodero, P Jofily, FP Silva-Jr
International journal of molecular sciences 20 (18), 4574, 2019
Synthesis, Biological Activity, and Molecular Modeling Studies of 1H-1,2,3-Triazole Derivatives of Carbohydrates as α-Glucosidases Inhibitors
SB Ferreira, ACR Sodero, MFC Cardoso, ES Lima, CR Kaiser, FP Silva Jr, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 53 (6), 2364-2375, 2010
Evaluation of the energy expenditure in competitive swimming strokes
TM Barbosa, R Fernandes, KL Keskinen, P Colaço, C Cardoso, J Silva, ...
International journal of sports medicine 27 (11), 894-899, 2006
In silico Strategies to Support Fragment-to-Lead Optimization in Drug Discovery
LR de Souza Neto, JT Moreira-Filho, BJ Neves, RLBR Maidana, ...
Frontiers in chemistry 8, 93, 2020
The diverse mechanisms and anticancer potential of naphthoquinones
CE Pereyra, RF Dantas, SB Ferreira, LP Gomes, FP Silva-Jr
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Filtering promiscuous compounds in early drug discovery: is it a good idea?
MR Senger, CAM Fraga, RF Dantas, FP Silva Jr
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Treatment by testicular sperm extraction and intracytoplasmic sperm injection of 65 azoospermic patients with non‐mosaic Klinefelter syndrome with birth of 17 healthy children
C Madureira, M Cunha, M Sousa, AP Neto, MJ Pinho, P Viana, ...
Andrology 2 (4), 623-631, 2014
Zoneamento para planejamento ambiental: vantagens e restrições de métodos e técnicas.
J Silva, RF dos SANTOS
Cadernos de Ciência & Tecnologia, Brasília, v. 21, n. 2, p. 221-263, maio …, 2004
1-Phenyl-1H-and 2-phenyl-2H-1, 2, 3-triazol derivatives: Design, synthesis and inhibitory effect on alpha-glycosidases
D Gonzaga, MR Senger, FC Da Silva, VF Ferreira, FP Silva-Jr
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 74, 461-476, 2014
Exploring the DNA binding/cleavage, cellular accumulation and topoisomerase inhibition of 2-hydroxy-3-(aminomethyl)-1, 4-naphthoquinone Mannich bases and their platinum (II …
AP Neves, MXG Pereira, EJ Peterson, R Kipping, MD Vargas, FP Silva-Jr, ...
Journal of inorganic biochemistry 119, 54-64, 2013
Isolation and expression of a hypotensive and anti-platelet acidic phospholipase A2 from Bothrops moojeni snake venom
LB Silveira, DP Marchi-Salvador, NA Santos-Filho, FP Silva Jr, S Marcussi, ...
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 73, 35-43, 2013
Molecular characterization of an acidic phospholipase A2 from Bothrops pirajai snake venom: synthetic C-terminal peptide identifies its antiplatelet region
SS Teixeira, LB Silveira, FMN da Silva, DP Marchi-Salvador, FP Silva, ...
Archives of toxicology 85, 1219-1233, 2011
Enzymatic and structural characterization of a basic phospholipase A2 from the sea anemone Condylactis gigantea
L Romero, S Marcussi, DP Marchi-Salvador, FP Silva Jr, AL Fuly, ...
Biochimie 92 (8), 1063-1071, 2010
De novo design and bioactivity prediction of SARS-CoV-2 main protease inhibitors using recurrent neural network-based transfer learning
MVS Santana, FP Silva-Jr
BMC chemistry 15 (1), 8, 2021
Trypanosomatidae peptidases: a target for drugs development
A Beatriz Vermelho, S Giovanni De Simone, C Masini d'Avila-Levy, ...
Current Enzyme Inhibition 3 (1), 19-48, 2007
Schistosoma mansoni infection causes oxidative stress and alters receptor for advanced glycation endproduct (RAGE) and tau levels in multiple organs in mice
RB de Oliveira, MR Senger, LM Vasques, J Gasparotto, JPA dos Santos, ...
International journal for parasitology 43 (5), 371-379, 2013
Synthesis and evaluation of the cytotoxic activity of 1, 2-furanonaphthoquinones tethered to 1, 2, 3-1H-triazoles in myeloid and lymphoid leukemia cell lines
MFC Cardoso, PC Rodrigues, MEIM Oliveira, IL Gama, IMCB da Silva, ...
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 84, 708-717, 2014
Kinetics Studies on the Inhibition Mechanism of Pancreatic α‐Amylase by Glycoconjugated 1H‐1,2,3‐Triazoles: A New Class of Inhibitors with Hypoglycemiant …
MR Senger, LCA Gomes, SB Ferreira, CR Kaiser, VF Ferreira, FP Silva Jr
ChemBioChem 13 (11), 1584-1593, 2012
Biochemical and molecular modeling analysis of the ability of two p-aminobenzamidine-based sorbents to selectively purify serine proteases (fibrinogenases) from snake venoms
SG De-Simone, C Correa-Netto, OAC Antunes, RB De-Alencastro, ...
Journal of Chromatography B 822 (1-2), 1-9, 2005
Thermostability improvement of Orpinomyces sp. xylanase by directed evolution
LM Trevizano, RZ Ventorim, ST de Rezende, FPS Junior, VM Guimarães
Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic 81, 12-18, 2012
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