Matti Vilkko
Matti Vilkko
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Wireless power transmission
J Tuominen
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Online grid impedance measurement using discrete-interval binary sequence injection
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Corrected mathematical model of quadruple tank process
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Self heating of piezoelectric actuators: measurement and compensation
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Product portfolio decision-making and absorptive capacity: a simulation study
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New Approach to Short-Term Planning of Hydro-Thermal Power Production
M Vilkko
Tampere University of Technology, 1999
Adaptive control of grid-connected inverters based on real-time measurements of grid impedance: Dq-domain approach
R Luhtala, T Messo, T Reinikka, J Sihvo, T Roinila, M Vilkko
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Designing maximum length sequence signal for frequency response measurement of switched mode converters
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Estimation of Electrical Cell–Capillary Admittance during Injection with Frequency Response Method
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Dynamic modeling and simulation of cone crushing circuits
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Minerals Engineering 43, 29-35, 2013
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