Dongliang Gao
Dongliang Gao
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Experimental demonstration of a bilayer thermal cloak
T Han, X Bai, D Gao, JTL Thong, B Li, CW Qiu
Physical review letters 112 (5), 054302, 2014
Optical manipulation from the microscale to the nanoscale: fundamentals, advances and prospects
D Gao, W Ding, M Nieto-Vesperinas, X Ding, M Rahman, T Zhang, CT Lim, ...
Light: Science & Applications 6 (9), e17039-e17039, 2017
Ultrathin Pancharatnam–Berry metasurface with maximal cross‐polarization efficiency
X Ding, F Monticone, K Zhang, L Zhang, D Gao, SN Burokur, A De Lustrac, ...
Advanced materials 27 (7), 1195-1200, 2015
Invisible sensor: simultaneous sensing and camouflaging in multiphysical fields
TZ Yang, X Bai, D Gao, L Wu, B Li, JTL Thong, CW Qiu
arXiv preprint arXiv:1502.01756, 2015
Manipulating Steady Heat Conduction by Sensu-shaped Thermal Metamaterials
T Han, X Bai, D Liu, D Gao, B Li, JTL Thong, CW Qiu
Scientific reports 5 (1), 10242, 2015
Photon momentum transfer in inhomogeneous dielectric mixtures and induced tractor beams
CW Qiu, W Ding, MRC Mahdy, D Gao, T Zhang, FC Cheong, A Dogariu, ...
Light: Science & Applications 4 (4), e278-e278, 2015
Unveiling the correlation between non‐diffracting tractor beam and its singularity in Poynting vector
D Gao, A Novitsky, T Zhang, FC Cheong, L Gao, CT Lim, B Luk'yanchuk, ...
Laser & Photonics Reviews 9 (1), 75-82, 2015
Engineering light-matter interaction for emerging optical manipulation applications
CW Qiu, D Palima, A Novitsky, D Gao, W Ding, SV Zhukovsky, J Gluckstad
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Radiation pressure of active dispersive chiral slabs
M Wang, H Li, D Gao, L Gao, J Xu, CW Qiu
Optics Express 23 (13), 16546-16553, 2015
Fano-enhanced pulling and pushing optical force on active plasmonic nanoparticles
D Gao, R Shi, Y Huang, L Gao
Physical Review A 96 (4), 043826, 2017
Effective nonlinear optical properties and optical bistability in composite media containing spherical particles with different sizes
HL Chen, DL Gao, L Gao
Optics express 24 (5), 5334-5345, 2016
Kerker‐type intensity‐gradient force of light
X Xu, M Nieto‐Vesperinas, CW Qiu, X Liu, D Gao, Y Zhang, B Li
Laser & Photonics Reviews 14 (4), 1900265, 2020
Fano resonant Ge 2 Sb 2 Te 5 nanoparticles realize switchable lateral optical force
T Cao, L Mao, D Gao, W Ding, CW Qiu
Nanoscale 8 (10), 5657-5666, 2016
Plasmonic resonant light scattering by a cylinder with radial anisotropy
Y Jin, D Gao, L Gao
Progress In Electromagnetics Research 106, 335-347, 2010
Enhanced spin Hall effect of light in spheres with dual symmetry
D Gao, R Shi, AE Miroshnichenko, L Gao
Laser & Photonics Reviews 12 (11), 1800130, 2018
Goos–Hänchen shift of the reflection from nonlinear nanocomposites with electric field tunability
D Gao, L Gao
Applied Physics Letters 97 (4), 2010
Tailoring optical pulling force on gain coated nanoparticles with nonlocal effective medium theory
X Bian, DL Gao, L Gao
Optics Express 25 (20), 24566-24578, 2017
Pulling cylindrical particles using a soft-nonparaxial tractor beam
A Novitsky, W Ding, M Wang, D Gao, AV Lavrinenko, CW Qiu
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 652, 2017
Reconfigurable sensor and nanoantenna by graphene-tuned Fano resonance
CL Wang, YQ Wang, H Hu, DJ Liu, DL Gao, L Gao
Optics Express 27 (24), 35925-35934, 2019
Topological effects in anisotropy-induced nano-fano resonance of a cylinder
D Gao, L Gao, A Novitsky, H Chen, B Luk’yanchuk
Optics Letters 40 (17), 4162-4165, 2015
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