Mário Marques
Mário Marques
CINAV - Centro de Investigação Naval
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Application of swarm robotics systems to marine environmental monitoring
M Duarte, J Gomes, V Costa, T Rodrigues, F Silva, V Lobo, MM Marques, ...
OCEANS 2016-Shanghai, 1-8, 2016
A cooperative multi-robot team for the surveillance of shipwreck survivors at sea
R Mendonça, MM Marques, F Marques, A Lourenco, E Pinto, P Santana, ...
OCEANS 2016 MTS/IEEE Monterey, 1-6, 2016
Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Maritime Operations: Challenges addressed in the scope of the SEAGULL project
MM Marques, P Dias, NP Santos, V Lobo, R Batista, D Salgueiro, ...
OCEANS 2015-Genova, 1-6, 2015
Use of multi-domain robots in search and rescue operations—Contributions of the ICARUS team to the euRathlon 2015 challenge
MM Marques, R Parreira, V Lobo, A Martins, A Matos, N Cruz, JM Almeida, ...
OCEANS 2016-Shanghai, 1-7, 2016
Interoperability in a heterogeneous team of search and rescue robots
DS López, G Moreno, J Cordero, J Sanchez, S Govindaraj, MM Marques, ...
Search and Rescue Robotics-From Theory to Practice, 93-125, 2017
REX 2014-Robotic Exercises 2014 Multi-robot field trials
MM Marques, A Martins, A Matos, N Cruz, JM Almeida, JC Alves, V Lobo, ...
OCEANS 2015-MTS/IEEE Washington, 1-6, 2015
Oil Spills Detection: Challenges addressed in the scope of the SEAGULL project
MM Marques, V Lobo, R Batista, J Almeida, M de Fátima Nunes, ...
OCEANS 2016 MTS/IEEE Monterey, 1-6, 2016
STANAG 4586—Standard interfaces of UAV control system (UCS) for NATO UAV interoperability
MM Marques
NATO Standardization Agency: Afeite, Portugal, 14, 2012
GammaEx project: A solution for CBRN remote sensing using unmanned aerial vehicles in maritime environments
MM Marques, RS Carapau, AV Rodrigues, V Lobo, J Gouveia-Carvalho, ...
OCEANS 2017-Anchorage, 1-6, 2017
Unmanned systems interoperability in military maritime operations: MAVLink to STANAG 4586 bridge
AV Rodrigues, RS Carapau, MM Marques, V Lobo, F Coito
OCEANS 2017-Aberdeen, 1-5, 2017
Food and the Risk Society: The Power of Risk Perception
C Fabiansson, S Fabiansson
Routledge, 2016
Unmanned aerial vehicles in the Navy: Its benefits
GC Rosa, MM Marques, V Lobo
Sci. Bull. Nav. Acad 19 (1), 39-43, 2016
Conception, development and validation of a software interface to assess human’s horizontal intra-cyclic velocity with a mechanical speedo-meter.
T Barbosa, M Costa, J Morais, S Jesus, M Marques, J Batista, J Gonçalves
Operational validation of search and rescue robots
G De Cubber, D Doroftei, H Balta, A Matos, E Silva, D Serrano, ...
Search and Rescue Robotics: From Theory to Practice, 225, 2017
Trajectory and Guidance Mode for autonomously landing an UAV on a naval platform using a vision approach
F Morais, T Ramalho, P Sinogas, MM Marques, NP Santos, V Lobo
OCEANS 2015-Genova, 1-7, 2015
Barlavento-considerations about the design of an autonomous sailboat
V Fernandes, Pedro Castro and Marques, Mario Monteiro and Lobo
World Robotics Sail Conference 2016, 19--30, 2017
Barlavento-considerations about the design of an autonomous sailboat
PC Fernandes, MM Marques, V Lobo
World Robotic Sailing championship and International Robotic Sailing …, 2016
Interoperability of unmanned systems in military maritime operations: Developing a controller for unmanned aerial systems operating in maritime environments
F Carapau, Rodolfo Santos and Rodrigues, Alexandre Valerio and Marques ...
OCEANS 2017-Aberdeen, 1-7, 2017
STRONGMAR Summer School 2016—Joining theory with a practical application in Underwater Archeology
A Marques, Mario Monteiro and Salgado
OCEANS 2017-Aberdeen, 1-6, 2017
An unmanned aircraft system for maritime operations: The sense and avoid subsystem with software-in-the-loop evaluation
MM Marques, V Lobo, R Batista, J Oliveira, AP Aguiar, JE Silva, ...
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems 15 (4), 1729881418786338, 2018
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