Vishwa Pal
Vishwa Pal
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Measurement of the coupling constant in a two-frequency VECSEL
V Pal, P Trofimoff, BX Miranda, G Baili, M Alouini, L Morvan, D Dolfi, ...
Optics express 18 (5), 5008-5014, 2010
Observing Dissipative Topological Defects with Coupled Lasers
V Pal, C Tradonsky, R Chriki, AA Friesem, N Davidson
Physical Review Letters 119 (1), 013902, 2017
Manipulating the spatial coherence of a laser source
R Chriki, M Nixon, V Pal, C Tradonsky, G Barach, AA Friesem, ...
Optics Express 23 (10), 12989-12997, 2015
Intensity noise correlations in a two-frequency VECSEL
S De, V Pal, A El Amili, G Pillet, G Baili, M Alouini, I Sagnes, R Ghosh, ...
Optics express 21 (3), 2538-2550, 2013
Rapid laser solver for the phase retrieval problem
C Tradonsky, I Gershenzon, V Pal, R Chriki, AA Friesem, O Raz, ...
Science Advances 5 (10), eaax4530, 2019
Rapid fair sampling of the XY spin Hamiltonian with a laser simulator
V Pal, S Mahler, C Tradonsky, A A. Friesem, N Davidson
Physical Review Research 2 (3), 033008, 2020
Generating flat-top beams with extended depth of focus
V Pal, C Tradonsky, R Chriki, N Kaplan, A Bordsky, M Attia, N Davidson, ...
Applied Optics 57 (16), 4583-4589, 2018
Talbot diffraction and Fourier filtering for phase locking an array of lasers
C Tradonsky, V Pal, R Chriki, N Davidson, AA Friesem
Applied Optics 56 (1), A126-A132, 2017
Spatiotemporal supermodes: Rapid reduction of spatial coherence in highly multimode lasers
R Chriki, S Mahler, C Tradonsky, V Pal, N Friesem, Asher A, Davidson
Physical Review A 98 (2), 023812, 2018
Phase locking of even and odd number of lasers on a ring geometry: effects of topological-charge
V Pal, C Tradonsky, R Chriki, G Barach, AA Friesem, N Davidson
Optics Express 23 (10), 13041-13050, 2015
Autofocusing and Self-Healing Properties of Aberration Laser Beams in a Turbulent Media
V Dev, A N. K. Reddy, A V. Ustinov, S N. Khonina, V Pal
Physical Review Applied 16 (1), 014061, 2021
High-resolution digital spatial control of a highly multimode laser
C Tradonsky, S Mahler, G Cai, V Pal, R Chriki, AA Friesem, N Davidson
Optica 8 (6), 880-884, 2021
Rapid and efficient formation of propagation invariant shaped laser beams
R Chriki, G Barach, C Tradonsky, S Smartsev, V Pal, AA Friesem, ...
Optics Express 26 (4), 4431-4439, 2018
Conversion of out-of-phase to in-phase order in coupled laser arrays with second harmonics
C Tradonsky, M Nixon, E Ronen, V Pal, R Chriki, AA Friesem, N Davidson
Photonics Research 3 (3), 77-81, 2015
Generating autofocused aberration laser beams with different spectral performance
ANK Reddy, SN Khonina, V Pal
Journal of Optics 22 (4), 045606, 2020
Semiconductor laser dynamics with two filtered optical feedbacks
V Pal, JS Suelzer, A Prasad, G Vemuri, R Ghosh
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 49 (3), 340-349, 2013
Robust design of diffractive optical elements for forming flat-top beams with extended depth of focus
ANK Reddy, V Pal
Applied Physics B 125 (12), 231, 2019
Generation of uniform-intensity light beams with controllable spatial shapes
V Dev, ANK Reddy, V Pal
Optics Communications 475, 126226, 2020
Optical phase dynamics in mutually coupled diode laser systems exhibiting power synchronization
V Pal, A Prasad, R Ghosh
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 44 (23), 235403, 2011
Phase locking of lasers with Gaussian coupling
ANK Reddy, S Mahler, A Goldring, V Pal, AA Friesem, N Davidson
Optics Express 30 (2), 1114-1129, 2022
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