Maarit Risto
Maarit Risto
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Structural and spectroscopic trends in mononuclear arylchalcogenolato-palladium (II) and-platinum (II) complexes: Crystal structures of [M (TeAr) 2 (dppe)]{M= palladium …
M Risto, EM Jahr, MS Hannu-Kuure, R Oilunkaniemi, RS Laitinen
Journal of organometallic chemistry 692 (11), 2193-2204, 2007
Heavy Atom Analogues of 1, 2, 3-Dithiazolylium Salts: Preparation, Structures and Redox Chemistry
M Risto, A Assoud, SM Winter, R Oilunkaniemi, RS Laitinen, RT Oakley
Inorganic chemistry 47 (21), 10100-10109, 2008
Preparation, Structure, and Metallophilic Interactions of Dinuclear Silver (I) and Copper (I) Complexes of Selenium Diimides
M Risto, TT Takaluoma, T Bajorek, R Oilunkaniemi, RS Laitinen, ...
Inorganic chemistry 48 (13), 6271-6279, 2009
Influences of water properties on the aggregation and deposition of engineered titanium dioxide nanoparticles in natural waters
Ling Li, Markus Sillanpää, Maarit Risto
Environmental Pollution 219, 132-138, 2016
Self-association of the N-methyl benzotellurodiazolylium cation: implications for the generation of super-heavy atom radicals
M Risto, RW Reed, CM Robertson, R Oilunkaniemi, RS Laitinen, ...
Chemical Communications, 3278-3280, 2008
Isomerism in [MCl2 (ERR') 2](M= Pd, Pt; E= S, Se; R, R'= Me, Ph)
L Vigo, M Risto, EM Jahr, T Bajorek, R Oilunkaniemi, RS Laitinen, ...
Crystal growth & design 6 (10), 2376-2383, 2006
Identification of a Novel η2-Se2 Bonding Mode in Cu (I) Complexes of the Dimeric Selenocarbonyl Dianions,[(EPh2P) 2CSeSeC (PPh2E) 2] 2−(E= S, Se)
M Risto, J Konu, T Chivers
Inorganic Chemistry 50 (2), 406-408, 2010
Homoleptic, heteroleptic and mixed-valent thallium and indium complexes of multidentate chalcogen-centred PCP-bridged ligands
M Risto, T Chivers, J Konu
Dalton Transactions 40 (32), 8238-8246, 2011
1, 2-Bis (Diphenylphosphinoselenoyl) ethane
M Risto, EM Jahr, R Oilunkaniemi, RS Laitinen
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online 63 (10), o4169-o4169, 2007
Palladium complexes containing novel cyclic selenium imides
M Risto, A Eironen, E Männistö, R Oilunkaniemi, RS Laitinen, T Chivers
Dalton Transactions, 8473-8475, 2009
Synthesis, Multinuclear NMR Spectra, and X-ray Structures of tBu2PNP (I) tBu2 and EPR2NP (I) R2 (E= Se, Te; R= iPr, tBu)
JS Ritch, SD Robertson, M Risto, T Chivers
Inorganic chemistry 49 (10), 4681-4686, 2010
Cobalt complexes of a selenium diimide and a tellurium diimide dimer
M Risto, J Konu, R Oilunkaniemi, RS Laitinen, T Chivers
Polyhedron 29 (2), 871-875, 2010
Bis (μ2-phenyltellurolato) bis (phenyltellurolato) tetra-μ3-tellurido-hexakis (triphenylphosphine) hexapalladium (II) benzene nonasolvate
M Risto, R Oilunkaniemi, RS Laitinen, M Ahlgrén
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online 66 (2), m147-m147, 2010
cis-Dichlorobis (diphenyl selenide) platinum (II) tetrahydrofuran solvate
M Risto, S Kantola, R Oilunkaniemi, RS Laitinen
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online 62 (12), m3442-m3444, 2006
Syntheses, Structures and Bonding of Novel Chalcogen-nitrogen Heterocycles
M Risto
University of Oulu, 2009
Experimental and computational investigations of platinum complexes of selenium diimide and some novel selenium–nitrogen ligands
AJ Karhu, M Risto, JM Rautiainen, R Oilunkaniemi, T Chivers, RS Laitinen
Canadian Journal of Chemistry 94 (4), 342-351, 2015
Joint Polish-Finnish sampling of surface waters around the phosphogypsum waste stacks in Gdańsk and Police from 1 to 3 July 2013 – Results of the expedition
JV Antti Räike, Jarkko Koskela, Seppo Knuuttila, Jouni Lehtoranta, Heikki ...
Reports of the Finnish Environment Institute 3/2015, 2015
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