Alessandro Sebastian Podda
Alessandro Sebastian Podda
Post-doc Researcher, University of Cagliari
Vahvistettu sähköpostiosoite verkkotunnuksessa - Kotisivu
Deep learning and time series-to-image encoding for financial forecasting
S Barra, SM Carta, A Corriga, AS Podda, DR Recupero
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Compliance and subtyping in timed session types
M Bartoletti, T Cimoli, M Murgia, AS Podda, L Pompianu
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Multi-DQN: An ensemble of Deep Q-learning agents for stock market forecasting
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A contract-oriented middleware
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A Multi-Layer and Multi-Ensemble Stock Trader Using Deep Learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning
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Analysis of a consensus protocol for extending consistent subchains on the bitcoin blockchain
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Popularity prediction of instagram posts
S Carta, AS Podda, DR Recupero, R Saia, G Usai
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An overview of blockchain-based systems and smart contracts for digital coupons
AS Podda, L Pompianu
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A local feature engineering strategy to improve network anomaly detection
S Carta, AS Podda, DR Recupero, R Saia
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Dynamic Industry-Specific Lexicon Generation for Stock Market Forecast
S Carta, S Consoli, L Piras, AS Podda, DR Recupero
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Contract-oriented programming with timed session types
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A Voice User Interface for football event tagging applications
S Barra, A Carcangiu, S Carta, AS Podda, D Riboni
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Explainable Machine Learning Exploiting News and Domain-Specific Lexicon for Stock Market Forecasting
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Event detection in finance using hierarchical clustering algorithms on news and tweets
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Heimdall: an AI-based infrastructure for traffic monitoring and anomalies detection
A Atzori, S Barra, S Carta, G Fenu, AS Podda
2021 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications …, 2021
FootApp: an AI-Powered System for Football Match Annotation
S Barra, SM Carta, A Giuliani, A Pisu, AS Podda
arXiv preprint arXiv:2103.02938, 2021
Natural interaction with traffic control cameras through multimodal interfaces
M Grazioso, AS Podda, S Barra, F Cutugno
arXiv preprint arXiv:2103.01518, 2021
Ensembling and Dynamic Asset Selection for Risk-Controlled Statistical Arbitrage
SM Carta, S Consoli, AS Podda, DR Recupero, MM Stanciu
IEEE Access 9, 29942-29959, 2021
HawkEye: a Visual Framework for Agile Cross-Validation of Deep Learning Approaches in Financial Forecasting
S Carta, S Consoli, A Corriga, R Dapiaggi, AS Podda, ...
The 4th International Conference on Future Networks and Distributed Systems …, 2020
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