Robert Hoehndorf
Robert Hoehndorf
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DeepGO: Predicting protein functions from sequence and interactions using a deep ontology-aware classifier
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The role of ontologies in biological and biomedical research: a functional perspective
R Hoehndorf, PN Schofield, GV Gkoutos
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The CAFA challenge reports improved protein function prediction and new functional annotations for hundreds of genes through experimental screens
N Zhou, Y Jiang, TR Bergquist, AJ Lee, BZ Kacsoh, AW Crocker, ...
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Text-mining solutions for biomedical research: enabling integrative biology
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DeepGOPlus: Improved protein function prediction from sequence
M Kulmanov, R Hoehndorf
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PhenomeNET: a whole-phenome approach to disease gene discovery
R Hoehndorf, PN Schofield, GV Gkoutos
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The Semanticscience Integrated Ontology (SIO) for biomedical research and knowledge discovery
M Dumontier, CJO Baker, J Baran, A Callahan, L Chepelev, ...
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FoodOn: a harmonized food ontology to increase global food traceability, quality control and data integration
DM Dooley, EJ Griffiths, GS Gosal, PL Buttigieg, R Hoehndorf, MC Lange, ...
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Neuro-symbolic representation learning on biological knowledge graphs
M Alshahrani, MA Khan, O Maddouri, AR Kinjo, N Queralt-Rosinach, ...
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Semantic similarity and machine learning with ontologies.
M Kulmanov, FZ Smaili, X Gao, R Hoehndorf
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Analysis of mammalian gene function through broad-based phenotypic screens across a consortium of mouse clinics
M Hrabě de Angelis, G Nicholson, M Selloum, JK White, H Morgan, ...
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General Formal Ontology (GFO): A foundational ontology integrating objects and processes
H Herre, B Heller, P Burek, R Hoehndorf, F Loebe, H Michalek
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Opa2vec: combining formal and informal content of biomedical ontologies to improve similarity-based prediction
FZ Smaili, X Gao, R Hoehndorf
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Semi-supervised entity alignment via knowledge graph embedding with awareness of degree difference
S Pei, L Yu, R Hoehndorf, X Zhang
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The Units Ontology: a tool for integrating units of measurement in science
GV Gkoutos, PN Schofield, R Hoehndorf
Database 2012, bas033, 2012
Onto2Vec: joint vector-based representation of biological entities and their ontology-based annotations
FZ Smaili, X Gao, R Hoehndorf
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Evaluation of research in biomedical ontologies
R Hoehndorf, M Dumontier, GV Gkoutos
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Analysis of the human diseasome using phenotype similarity between common, genetic and infectious diseases
R Hoehndorf, PN Schofield, GV Gkoutos
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Aber-OWL: a framework for ontology-based data access in biology
R Hoehndorf, L Slater, PN Schofield, GV Gkoutos
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General Formal Ontology (GFO)--A Foundational Ontology Integrating Objects and Processes [Version 1.0]
H Herre, B Heller, P Burek, R Hoehndorf, F Loebe, H Michalek
Philosophy 19 (8), 2006
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