Yvan Wenger
Yvan Wenger
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Apoptotic cells provide an unexpected source of Wnt3 signaling to drive hydra head regeneration
S Chera, L Ghila, K Dobretz, Y Wenger, C Bauer, W Buzgariu, ...
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Apparent half-lives of dioxins, furans, and polychlorinated biphenyls as a function of age, body fat, smoking status, and breast-feeding
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Injury-induced immune responses in Hydra
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Exploitation of specific properties of trifluoroethanol for extraction and separation of membrane proteins
JMP Deshusses, JA Burgess, A Scherl, Y Wenger, N Walter, V Converset, ...
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An evolutionarily-conserved Wnt3/β-catenin/Sp5 feedback loop restricts head organizer activity in Hydra
MC Vogg, L Beccari, L Iglesias Ollé, C Rampon, S Vriz, C Perruchoud, ...
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Injury‐induced activation of the MAPK/CREB pathway triggers apoptosis‐induced compensatory proliferation in hydra head regeneration
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RNAseq versus genome-predicted transcriptomes: a large population of novel transcripts identified in an Illumina-454 Hydratranscriptome
Y Wenger, B Galliot
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Tissue distribution and pharmacokinetics of stable polyacrylamide nanoparticles following intravenous injection in the rat
Y Wenger, RJ Schneider II, GR Reddy, R Kopelman, O Jolliet, MA Philbert
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Indoor intake fraction considering surface sorption of air organic compounds for life cycle assessment
Y Wenger, D Li, O Jolliet
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Loss of neurogenesis in Hydra leads to compensatory regulation of neurogenic and neurotransmission genes in epithelial cells
Y Wenger, W Buzgariu, B Galliot
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 371 …, 2016
Multi-functionality and plasticity characterize epithelial cells in Hydra
W Buzgariu, S Al Haddad, S Tomczyk, Y Wenger, B Galliot
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Impact of cycling cells and cell cycle regulation on Hydra regeneration
W Buzgariu, Y Wenger, N Tcaciuc, AP Catunda-Lemos, B Galliot
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Recommendations for accurate genotyping of SARS-CoV-2 using amplicon-based sequencing of clinical samples
S Kubik, AC Marques, X Xing, J Silvery, C Bertelli, F De Maio, ...
Clinical Microbiology and Infection 27 (7), 1036. e1-1036. e8, 2021
Deficient autophagy in epithelial stem cells drives aging in the freshwater cnidarian Hydra
S Tomczyk, N Suknovic, Q Schenkelaars, Y Wenger, K Ekundayo, ...
Development 147 (2), dev177840, 2020
Punctuated emergences of genetic and phenotypic innovations in eumetazoan, bilaterian, euteleostome, and hominidae ancestors
Y Wenger, B Galliot
Genome biology and evolution 5 (10), 1949-1968, 2013
Generic and context-dependent gene modulations during Hydra whole body regeneration
Y Wenger, W Buzgariu, C Perruchoud, G Loichot, B Galliot
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How somatic adult tissues develop organizer activity
MC Vogg, Y Wenger, B Galliot
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Case report: human exposure to dioxins from clay
A Franzblau, E Hedgeman, Q Chen, SY Lee, P Adriaens, A Demond, ...
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Non-developmental dimensions of adult regeneration in Hydra
B Galliot, W Buzgariu, Q Schenkelaars, Y Wenger
International Journal of Developmental Biology 62 (6-7-8), 373-381, 2018
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