Lingyun Wang
Lingyun Wang
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Activation mechanisms of αVβ3 integrin by binding to fibronectin: a computational study
L Wang, D Pan, Q Yan, Y Song
Protein Science 26 (6), 1124-1137, 2017
The L530R variation associated with recurrent kidney stones impairs the structure and function of TRPV5
L Wang, RP Holmes, JB Peng
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 492 (3), 362-367, 2017
Molecular insight into the effect of lipid bilayer environments on thrombospondin-1 and calreticulin interactions
L Wang, JE Murphy-Ullrich, Y Song
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Calcium selective channel TRPV6: Structure, function, and implications in health and disease
V Khattar, L Wang, JB Peng
Gene 817, 146192, 2022
Molecular modeling of the structural and dynamical changes in calcium channel TRPV5 induced by the African-specific A563T variation
L Wang, RP Holmes, JB Peng
Biochemistry 55 (8), 1254-1264, 2016
Autoinhibition of TRPV6 Channel and Regulation by PIP2
R Cai, X Liu, R Zhang, L Hofmann, W Zheng, MR Amin, L Wang, Q Hu, ...
Iscience 23 (9), 2020
Phosphorylation of KLHL3 at serine 433 impairs its interaction with the acidic motif of WNK4: a molecular dynamics study
L Wang, JB Peng
Protein Science 26 (2), 163-173, 2017
Characterization of the interactions between calmodulin and death receptor 5 in triple-negative and estrogen receptor-positive breast Cancer cells: AN INTEGRATED EXPERIMENTAL …
RM Fancy, L Wang, Q Zeng, H Wang, T Zhou, DJ Buchsbaum, Y Song
Journal of Biological Chemistry 291 (24), 12862-12870, 2016
Preparation of PSf-g-BN15C5/NWF composite membrane with sponge-like pore structure for lithium isotopes adsorptive separation
Y Liu, F Yan, H Pei, J Li, Z Cui, B He, L Wang
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 91, 507-516, 2018
Dominant conformation of valsartan in sodium dodecyl sulfate micelle environment
F Li, L Wang, N Xiao, M Yang, L Jiang, M Liu
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114 (8), 2719-2727, 2010
Characterization of calmodulin–fas death domain interaction: An integrated experimental and computational study
RM Fancy, L Wang, T Napier, J Lin, G Jing, AL Lucius, JM McDonald, ...
Biochemistry 53 (16), 2680-2688, 2014
Construction of THPP-sg-PSf/TiO2 membrane as photocatalyst for enhanced photoinduced hydrogen evolution
Y Chen, M Wang, F Yan, Y Zhang, L Dong, L Wang, Z Cui, J Li
Applied Surface Science 566, 150667, 2021
Fushen Granule, A Traditional Chinese Medicine, ameliorates intestinal mucosal dysfunction in peritoneal dialysis rat model by regulating p38MAPK signaling pathway
C Jiang, W Lin, L Wang, Y Lv, Y Song, X Chen, H Yang
Journal of ethnopharmacology 251, 112501, 2020
Auto-inhibitory intramolecular S5/S6 interaction in the TRPV6 channel regulates breast cancer cell migration and invasion
R Cai, L Wang, X Liu, M Michalak, J Tang, JB Peng, XZ Chen
Communications Biology 4 (1), 990, 2021
Unveiling the distinct mechanisms by which disease-causing mutations in the Kelch domain of KLHL3 disrupt the interaction with the acidic motif of WNK4 through molecular …
L Wang, C Jiang, R Cai, XZ Chen, JB Peng
Biochemistry 58 (16), 2105-2115, 2019
Deprotonation states of the two active site water molecules regulate the binding of protein phosphatase 5 with its substrate: A molecular dynamics study
L Wang, F Yan
Protein Science 26 (10), 2010-2020, 2017
Multiscale simulation of the interaction of calreticulin-thrombospondin-1 complex with a model membrane microdomain
L Wang, JE Murphy-Ullrich, Y Song
Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 37 (3), 811-822, 2019
Trans and cis conformations of the antihypertensive drug valsartan respectively lock the inactive and active-like states of angiotensin II type 1 receptor: a molecular dynamics …
L Wang, F Yan
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 58 (10), 2123-2130, 2018
Molecular insights into the specific recognition between the RNA binding domain qRRM2 of hnRNP F and G-tract RNA: A molecular dynamics study
L Wang, F Yan
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 494 (1-2), 95-100, 2017
Modeling the structural and dynamical changes of the epithelial calcium channel TRPV5 caused by the A563T variation based on the structure of TRPV6
L Wang, RP Holmes, JB Peng
Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, 2018
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