Dr. Kate Letheren
Dr. Kate Letheren
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Effects of personification and anthropomorphic tendency on destination attitude and travel intentions
K Letheren, BAS Martin, HS Jin
Tourism Management 62, 65-75, 2017
Individual difference factors related to anthropomorphic tendency
K Letheren, KAL Kuhn, I Lings, NKL Pope
European Journal of Marketing, 2016
Embracing the bots: How direct to consumer advertising is about to change forever
K Letheren, C Glavas
The conversation, 2017
Rules of (household) engagement: technology as manager, assistant and intern
K Letheren, R Russell-Bennett, RF Mulcahy, R McAndrew
European Journal of Marketing, 2019
Are households ready to engage with smart home technology?
R Mulcahy, K Letheren, R McAndrew, C Glavas, R Russell-Bennett
Journal of Marketing Management 35 (15-16), 1370-1400, 2019
Taking advantage of electricity pricing signals in the digital age: Householders have their say. A summary report
R Russell-Bennett, R Mulcahy, R McAndrew, K Letheren, T Swinton, ...
Queensland University of Technology, 2017
Banking with a chatbot: A Battle between convenience and security
K Letheren, P Dootson
The Conversation, 2017
Black, white or grey magic? Our future with artificial intelligence
K Letheren, R Russell-Bennett, L Whittaker
Journal of Marketing Management 36 (3-4), 216-232, 2020
Innovating energy markets: a hybrid persona/segment approach
R Russell-Bennett, R Mulcahy, K Letheren, R McAndrew, T Swinton, ...
Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, 764-764, 2017
Exploring the resources associated with consumer vulnerability: Designing nuanced retail hardship programs
C Glavas, K Letheren, R Russell-Bennett, R McAndrew, RE Bedggood
Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 57, 102212, 2020
The transformative service paradox: The dilemma of wellbeing trade-offs
R Russell–Bennett, R Mulcahy, K Letheren, R McAndrew, U Dulleck
Journal of Service Management, 2020
Effects of Gendered Anthropomorphism and Image Appeal on Moral Norms in the Context of Charity Website Design.
K Letheren, S Lee, DH Kwak, K Ramamurthy
PACIS, 133, 2018
Robots don’t just take jobs, they can help a new business grow
K Letheren, C Glavas
The Conversation, 2016
Is the DAO the beginning of the end for the conventional chief executive?
C Glavas, K Letheren
The Conversation, 2016
I’m Friends with Louie the Fly, not Mortein: Conceptualising the New Brand Relationships on Social Media
K Letheren, KAL Kuhn
Looking Forward, Looking Back: Drawing on the Past to Shape the Future of …, 2016
Behaviours that Threaten Australia's Biosecurity: Desktop Review and Behavioural Prioritisation-Final Project Report
R Russell-Bennett, L Whittaker, M Brumpton, R Hudson, G Hamilton, ...
Queensland University of Technology, 2020
Empowering low-socioeconomic status parents to support their children in participating in tertiary education: co-created digital resources for diverse parent personas
R Russell-Bennett, M Raciti, K Letheren, J Drennan
Higher Education Research & Development, 1-19, 2020
The Evolution Is Now: Service Robots, Behavioral Bias and Emotions
K Letheren, R Russell-Bennett, L Whittaker, S Whyte, U Dulleck
Emotions and Service in the Digital Age, 2020
Emotions and Service in the Digital Age
J Albright, D Altman, S Ashtar, P Brosi, D Brueller, NN Brueller, ...
Understanding DCV Audiences: Engagement and Communication-Research Summary
R Russell-Bennett, K Letheren, K Chell, S Ong
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