Martin Gammell
Martin Gammell
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David's score: a more appropriate dominance ranking method than Clutton-Brock et al.'s index
MP Gammell, H De Vries, DJ Jennings, CM Carlin, TJ Hayden
Animal Behaviour 66 (3), 601-605, 2003
Sexual size dimorphism in fallow deer (Dama dama): do larger, heavier males gain greater mating success?
AG McElligott, MP Gammell, HC Harty, DR Paini, DT Murphy, JT Walsh, ...
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 49 (4), 266-272, 2001
Effect of body weight, antler length, resource value and experience on fight duration and intensity in fallow deer
DJ Jennings, MP Gammell, CM Carlin, TJ Hayden
Animal Behaviour 68 (1), 213-221, 2004
Analysis of animal contest data
M Briffa, ICW Hardy, MP Gammell, DJ Jennings, DD Clarke, M Goubault
Animal contests 379, 2013
Distribution and range expansion of deer in Ireland
RF Carden, CM Carlin, F Marnell, D Mcelholm, J Hetherington, ...
Mammal Review 41 (4), 313-325, 2011
An investigation of assessment games during fallow deer fights
DJ Jennings, MP Gammell, RJH Payne, TJ Hayden
Ethology 111 (5), 511-525, 2005
A winner effect supports third-party intervention behaviour during fallow deer, Dama dama, fights
DJ Jennings, CM Carlin, MP Gammell
Animal Behaviour 77 (2), 343-348, 2009
Contest duration: sizing up the opposition?
MP Gammell, ICW Hardy
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 18 (10), 491-493, 2003
Is Difference in Body Weight, Antler Length, Age or Dominance Rank related to the Number of Fights between Fallow Deer (Dama dama)?
DJ Jennings, MP Gammell, CM Carlin, TJ Hayden
Ethology 112 (3), 258-269, 2006
Is the parallel walk between competing male fallow deer, Dama dama, a lateral display of individual quality?
DJ Jennings, MP Gammell, CM Carlin, TJ Hayden
Animal Behaviour 65 (5), 1005-1012, 2003
Investment in fighting in relation to body condition, age and dominance rank in the male fallow deer, Dama dama
DJ Jennings, CM Carlin, TJ Hayden, MP Gammell
Animal Behaviour 79 (6), 1293-1300, 2010
Does Lateral Presentation of the Palmate Antlers During Fights by Fallow Deer (Dama dama L.) Signify Dominance or Submission?
DJ Jennings, MP Gammell, CM Carlin, TJ Hayden
Ethology 108 (5), 389-401, 2002
Power rangers: no improvement in the statistical power of analyses published in Animal Behaviour
DR Smith, ICW Hardy, MP Gammell
Animal Behaviour 1 (81), 347-352, 2011
Personality and predictability in fallow deer fighting behaviour: the relationship with mating success
DJ Jennings, TJ Hayden, MP Gammell
Animal Behaviour 86 (5), 1041-1047, 2013
Third-party intervention behaviour during fallow deer fights: the role of dominance, age, fighting and body size
DJ Jennings, CM Carlin, TJ Hayden, MP Gammell
Animal Behaviour 81 (6), 1217-1222, 2011
Contest behaviour in ungulates
DJ Jennings, MP Gammell
Animal contests 210, 304-320, 2013
The soundscape of Arctic Charr spawning grounds in lotic and lentic environments: can passive acoustic monitoring be used to detect spawning activities?
M Bolgan, J O’Brien, E Chorazyczewska, IJ Winfield, P McCullough, ...
Bioacoustics 27 (1), 57-85, 2018
Vocal rate as an assessment process during fallow deer contests
DJ Jennings, RW Elwood, CM Carlin, TJ Hayden, MP Gammell
Behavioural processes 91 (2), 152-158, 2012
Morphometric methods for the analysis and classification of gastropods: a comparison using Littorina littorea
D Doyle, MP Gammell, R Nash
Journal of Molluscan Studies 84 (2), 190-197, 2018
Win, lose or draw: a comparison of fight structure based on fight conclusion in the fallow deer
CM Carlin, TJ Hayden, DJ Jennings, MP Gammell
Behaviour 142 (4), 423-439, 2005
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