Mitch Hendrickson
Mitch Hendrickson
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Historic routes to Angkor: development of the Khmer road system (ninth to thirteenth centuries AD) in mainland Southeast Asia
M Hendrickson
Antiquity 84 (324), 480-496, 2010
Arteries of empire: an operational study of transport and communication in Angkorian Southeast Asia (9th to 15th centuries CE)
M Hendrickson
University of Sydney., 2007
Using In-Slag Charcoal as an Indicator of “Terminal” Iron Production within the Angkorian Period (10th–13th Centuries AD) Center of Preah Khan of Kompong Svay, Cambodia
M Hendrickson, Q Hua, TO Pryce
Radiocarbon 55 (1), 31-47, 2013
The Iron Kuay of Cambodia: tracing the role of peripheral populations in Angkorian to colonial Cambodia via a 1200 year old industrial landscape
TO Pryce, M Hendrickson, K Phon, S Chan, MF Charlton, S Leroy, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science 47, 142-163, 2014
New evidence of brown glaze stoneware kilns along the east road from Angkor
M Hendrickson
Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association 28, 52-56, 2008
A transport geographic perspective on travel and communication in Angkorian Southeast Asia (ninth to fifteenth centuries ad)
M Hendrickson
World Archaeology 43 (3), 444-457, 2011
First direct dating for the construction and modification of the Baphuon temple mountain in Angkor, Cambodia
S Leroy, M Hendrickson, E Delqué-Kolic, E Vega, P Dillmann
PLoS One 10 (11), e0141052, 2015
Reimagining the city of fire and iron: a landscape archaeology of the Angkor-Period industrial complex of Preah Khan of Kompong Svay, Cambodia (ca. 9th to 13th centuries AD)
M Hendrickson, D Evans
Journal of Field Archaeology 40 (6), 644-664, 2015
The ties that bind: archaeometallurgical typology of architectural crampons as a method for reconstructing the iron economy of Angkor, Cambodia (tenth to thirteenth c.)
S Leroy, M Hendrickson, S Bauvais, E Vega, T Blanchet, A Disser, ...
Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 10 (8), 2137-2157, 2018
Smelting in the shadow of the Iron Mountain: preliminary field investigation of the industrial landscape around Phnom Dek, Cambodia (ninth to twentieth centuries AD)
M Hendrickson, S Leroy, Q Hua, P Kaseka, V Vuthy
Asian Perspectives, 55-91, 2017
Iron and fire: Geoarchaeological history of a Khmer peripheral centre during the decline of the Angkorian Empire, Cambodia
T Hall, D Penny, M Hendrickson, C Cooke, Q Hua
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 6, 53-63, 2016
Forging empire: Angkorian iron smelting, community and ritual practice at Tonle Bak
M Hendrickson, S Leroy, C Castillo, Q Hua, E Vega, K Phon
antiquity 93 (372), 1586-1606, 2019
The entangled past: Integrating history and archaeology
M Boyd, JC Erwin, M Hendrickson
The University of Calgary, 2002
Sparks and needles: Seeking catalysts of state expansions, a case study of technological interaction at Angkor, Cambodia (9th to 13th centuries CE)
M Hendrickson, S Leroy
Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 57, 101141, 2020
Industries of Angkor Project: Preah Khan of Kompong Svay (Bakan). December 2009 Field Report
M Hendrickson, TO Pryce, Q Hua, K Phon, S Chan
Sydney: University of Sydney, 2010
Connecting the Dots: investigating transportation between the temple complexes of the medieval Khmer (9th to 14th centuries CE)
M Hendrickson
Old Myths and New Approaches: Interpreting Ancient Religious Sites in …, 2012
Industries of Angkor Project: Iron Kuoy Project. March 2010 Field Campaign Report
M Hendrickson, TO Pryce
Sydney: University of Sydney. p 49, 2011
Industries of Angkor Project: Preah Khan of Kompong Svay (Bakan)
M Hendrickson, D Penny, C Cooke, TO Pryce, Q Hua
January and February, 96, 2009
Unearthing an Atlantean myth in Angkor: geoarchaeological investigation of the ‘underwater road’crossing the Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia
C Pottier, D Penny, M Hendrickson, EA Carter
Journal of Archaeological Science 39 (8), 2604-2611, 2012
La Voie Royale était-elle dallée
M Hendrickson
Reappraising a myth of the Angkorian period road system (ninth to fifteenth …, 2010
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