Paul Beaud
Paul Beaud
Senior Scientist, Paul Scherrer Institute
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Femtosecond XANES study of the light-induced spin crossover dynamics in an iron (II) complex
C Bressler, C Milne, VT Pham, A ElNahhas, RM Van der Veen, ...
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SwissFEL: the Swiss X-ray free electron laser
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Optical reflectometry with micrometer resolution for the investigation of integrated optical devices
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Nonthermal Melting of a Charge Density Wave in
E Möhr-Vorobeva, SL Johnson, P Beaud, U Staub, R De Souza, C Milne, ...
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8-TW 90-fs Cr: LiSAF laser
P Beaud, M Richardson, EJ Miesak, BHT Chai
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High resolution femtosecond coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering: determination of rotational constants, molecular anharmonicity, collisional line shifts, and temperature
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Structural and magnetic dynamics of a laser induced phase transition in FeRh
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Probing the transition from hydrophilic to hydrophobic solvation with atomic scale resolution
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Flame thermometry by femtosecond CARS
P Beaud, HM Frey, T Lang, M Motzkus
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Femtosecond nonresonant degenerate four-wave mixing at atmospheric pressure and in a free jet
HM Frey, P Beaud, T Gerber, B Mischler, PP Radi, AP Tzannis
Applied Physics B 68 (4), 735-739, 1999
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