Joseph N Paulson
Joseph N Paulson
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Differential abundance analysis for microbial marker-gene surveys
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Simplified and representative bacterial community of maize roots
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Diarrhea in young children from low-income countries leads to large-scale alterations in intestinal microbiota composition
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metagenomeSeq: Statistical analysis for sparse high-throughput sequencing
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Smooth Quantile Normalization
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Multisystem analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis reveals kinase-dependent remodeling of the pathogen-environment interface
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Cancer subtype identification using somatic mutation data
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Longitudinal analysis of the lung microbiota of cynomolgous macaques during long-term SHIV infection
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Impact of conventional wastewater treatment and reuse site practices on the bacterial community structure of reclaimed water
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Minimal genetic change in Vibrio cholerae in Mozambique over time: Multilocus variable number tandem repeat analysis and whole genome sequencing
M Garrine, I Mandomando, D Vubil, T Nhampossa, S Acacio, S Li, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 11 (6), e0005671, 2017
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