Winston Chern
Winston Chern
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Two-dimensional MoS2-enabled flexible rectenna for Wi-Fi-band wireless energy harvesting
X Zhang, J Grajal, JL Vazquez-Roy, U Radhakrishna, X Wang, W Chern, ...
Nature 566 (7744), 368-372, 2019
Nonlithographic patterning and metal-assisted chemical etching for manufacturing of tunable light-emitting silicon nanowire arrays
W Chern, K Hsu, IS Chun, BP Azeredo, N Ahmed, KH Kim, J Zuo, N Fang, ...
Nano letters 10 (5), 1582-1588, 2010
Formation of high aspect ratio GaAs nanostructures with metal-assisted chemical etching
M DeJarld, JC Shin, W Chern, D Chanda, K Balasundaram, JA Rogers, ...
Nano letters 11 (12), 5259-5263, 2011
Trap assisted tunneling and its effect on subthreshold swing of tunnel FETs
RN Sajjad, W Chern, JL Hoyt, DA Antoniadis
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 63 (11), 4380-4387, 2016
Experimental study of design parameters in silicon micropillar array solar cells produced by soft lithography and metal-assisted chemical etching
JC Shin, D Chanda, W Chern, KJ Yu, JA Rogers, X Li
IEEE Journal of photovoltaics 2 (2), 129-133, 2012
Ultrathin Strained-Ge Channel P-MOSFETs With High-/Metal Gate and Sub-1-nm Equivalent Oxide Thickness
P Hashemi, W Chern, HS Lee, JT Teherani, Y Zhu, J Gonsalvez, ...
IEEE electron device letters 33 (7), 943-945, 2012
Extraction of large valence-band energy offsets and comparison to theoretical values for strained-Si/strained-Ge type-II heterostructures on relaxed SiGe substrates
JT Teherani, W Chern, DA Antoniadis, JL Hoyt, L Ruiz, CD Poweleit, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 85 (20), 205308, 2012
High mobility high-κ-all-around asymmetrically-strained germanium nanowire trigate p-MOSFETs
W Chern, P Hashemi, JT Teherani, T Yu, Y Dong, G Xia, DA Antoniadis, ...
2012 International Electron Devices Meeting, 16.5. 1-16.5. 4, 2012
Antiferroelectric negative capacitance from a structural phase transition in zirconia
M Hoffmann, Z Wang, N Tasneem, A Zubair, PV Ravindran, M Tian, ...
Nature communications 13 (1), 1228, 2022
Auger generation as an intrinsic limit to tunneling field-effect transistor performance
JT Teherani, S Agarwal, W Chern, PM Solomon, E Yablonovitch, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 120 (8), 2016
Cryogenic characterization of a ferroelectric field-effect-transistor
Z Wang, H Ying, W Chern, S Yu, M Mourigal, JD Cressler, AI Khan
Applied Physics Letters 116 (4), 2020
Method of forming an array of high aspect ratio semiconductor nanostructures
X Li, PM Ferreira, W Chern, IS Chun, KH HSU
US Patent 8,980,656, 2015
The impacts of ferroelectric and interfacial layer thicknesses on ferroelectric FET design
N Tasneem, MM Islam, Z Wang, H Chen, J Hur, D Triyoso, S Consiglio, ...
IEEE Electron Device Letters 42 (8), 1156-1159, 2021
Metal assisted chemical etching to produce III-V semiconductor nanostructures
X Li, MT Dejarld, JC Shin, W Chern
US Patent 8,951,430, 2015
Temperature effects on gated silicon field emission array performance
R Bhattacharya, N Karaulac, W Chern, AI Akinwande, J Browning
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 39 (2), 2021
BP d. Azeredo, N. Ahmed, K
W Chern, K Hsu, IS Chun
H. Kim, J.-M. Zuo, N. Fang, P. Ferreira, and X. Li,“Nonlithographic …, 2010
High mobility strained-Ge pMOSFETs with 0.7-nm ultrathin EOT using plasma post oxidation HfO2/Al2O3/GeOxgate stacks and strain modulation
R Zhang, W Chern, X Yu, M Takenaka, JL Hoyt, S Takagi
2013 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, 26.1. 1-26.1. 4, 2013
Ultraviolet light stimulated water desorption effect on emission performance of gated field emitter array
R Bhattacharya, N Karaulac, G Rughoobur, W Chern, AI Akinwande, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 39 (3), 2021
Record hole mobility at high vertical fields in planar strained germanium on insulator with asymmetric strain
W Chern, P Hashemi, JT Teherani, DA Antoniadis, JL Hoyt
IEEE Electron Device Letters 35 (3), 309-311, 2014
On the role and modeling of compressive strain in Si-Ge interdiffusion for SiGe heterostructures
Y Dong, W Chern, PM Mooney, JL Hoyt, GM Xia
Semiconductor Science and Technology 29 (1), 015012, 2013
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