Samuel Etienne
Samuel Etienne
Directeur d'études, E.P.H.E., Université PSL
Vahvistettu sähköpostiosoite verkkotunnuksessa - Kotisivu
Boulder and fine sediment transport and deposition by the 2004 tsunami in Lhok Nga (western Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia): a coupled offshore–onshore model
R Paris, J Fournier, E Poizot, S Etienne, J Morin, F Lavigne, P Wassmer
Marine Geology 268 (1-4), 43-54, 2010
Boulder accumulations related to storms on the south coast of the Reykjanes Peninsula (Iceland)
S Etienne, R Paris
Geomorphology 114 (1-2), 55-70, 2010
The role of biological weathering in periglacial areas: a study of weathering rinds in south Iceland
S Etienne
Geomorphology 47 (1), 75-86, 2002
The use of boulders for characterising past tsunamis: lessons from the 2004 Indian Ocean and 2009 South Pacific tsunamis
S Etienne, M Buckley, R Paris, AK Nandasena, K Clark, L Strotz, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 107 (1-2), 76-90, 2011
Fungal weathering of basaltic rocks in a cold oceanic environment (Iceland): comparison between experimental and field observations
S Etienne, J Dupont
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms: The Journal of the British …, 2002
Flow speed estimated by inverse modeling of sandy sediment deposited by the 29 September 2009 tsunami near Satitoa, east Upolu, Samoa
B Jaffe, M Buckley, B Richmond, L Strotz, S Etienne, K Clark, S Watt, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 107 (1-2), 23-37, 2011
Deposits, flow characteristics, and landscape change resulting from the September 2009 South Pacific tsunami in the Samoan islands
BM Richmond, M Buckley, S Etienne, C Chagué-Goff, K Clark, J Goff, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 107 (1-2), 38-51, 2011
Marine inundation hazards in French Polynesia: geomorphic impacts of Tropical Cyclone Oli in February 2010
S Etienne
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 361 (1), 21-39, 2012
Coral boulders, gravel tongues and sand sheets: features of coastal accretion and sediment nourishment by Cyclone Tomas (March 2010) on Taveuni Island, Fiji
S Etienne, JP Terry
Geomorphology 175, 54-65, 2012
Widespread compression associated with Eocene Tonga-Kermadec subduction initiation
R Sutherland, J Collot, F Bache, S Henrys, D Barker, GH Browne, ...
Geology 45 (4), 355-358, 2017
Paraglacial gullying of sediment‐mantled slopes: A case study of Colletthøgda, Kongsfjorden area, West Spitsbergen (Svalbard)
D Mercier, S Etienne, D Sellier, MF André
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms: The Journal of the British …, 2009
Assessment of sandstone deterioration at Ta Keo temple (Angkor): first results and future prospects
MF André, S Etienne, D Mercier, F Vautier, O Voldoire
Environmental Geology 56 (3-4), 677-688, 2008
Reef-Platform Coral Boulders
JP Terry, AYA Lau, S Etienne
Reef-Platform Coral Boulders, 2013
Inter-and intraspecific variability in the chemical composition of the mineral phase of cements from several tube-building polychaetes
J Fournier, S Etienne, JB Le Cam
Geobios 43 (2), 191-200, 2010
The European Science Foundation (ESF) network SEDIFLUX—an introduction and overview
AA Beylich, S Etienne, B Etzelmüller, VV Gordeev, J Käyhkö, V Rachold, ...
Geomorphology 80 (1-2), 3-7, 2006
Assessing the impacts of and resilience to tropical cyclone Bejisa, Reunion Island (Indian Ocean)
VKE Duvat, AK Magnan, S Etienne, C Salmon, C Pignon-Mussaud
Natural Hazards 83 (1), 601-640, 2016
Understanding the history of extreme wave events in the Tuamotu Archipelago of French Polynesia from large carbonate boulders on Makemo Atoll, with implications for future …
AYA Lau, JP Terry, AD Ziegler, AD Switzer, Y Lee, S Etienne
Marine Geology 380, 174-190, 2016
Temporal scales and deglaciation rhythms in a polar glacier margin, Baronbreen, Svalbard
S Etienne, D Mercier, O Voldoire
Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift-Norwegian Journal of Geography 62 (2), 102-114, 2008
Paraglacial geomorphology: processes and paraglacial context
C Ballantyne, K Hall, H French
Geomorphology 95, 1-2, 2008
Tempestuous times in the South Pacific islands
JP Terry, S Etienne
Science 328 (5977), 428-429, 2010
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