Ali Behrangi
Ali Behrangi
Professor, Univ. of Arizona & Scientist NASA JPL
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Hydrologic evaluation of satellite precipitation products over a mid-size basin
A Behrangi, B Khakbaz, TC Jaw, A AghaKouchak, K Hsu, S Sorooshian
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Lake volume and groundwater storage variations in Tibetan Plateau's endorheic basin
G Zhang, T Yao, CK Shum, S Yi, K Yang, H Xie, W Feng, T Bolch, L Wang, ...
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Evaluation of satellite‐retrieved extreme precipitation rates across the central United States
A AghaKouchak, A Behrangi, S Sorooshian, K Hsu, E Amitai
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Early assessment of integrated multi-satellite retrievals for global precipitation measurement over China
H Guo, S Chen, A Bao, A Behrangi, Y Hong, F Ndayisaba, J Hu, ...
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Systematic and random error components in satellite precipitation data sets
A AghaKouchak, A Mehran, H Norouzi, A Behrangi
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A recent systematic increase in vapor pressure deficit over tropical South America
A Barkhordarian, SS Saatchi, A Behrangi, PC Loikith, CR Mechoso
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PERSIANN-MSA: A precipitation estimation method from satellite-based multispectral analysis
A Behrangi, K Hsu, B Imam, S Sorooshian, GJ Huffman, RJ Kuligowski
Journal of Hydrometeorology 10 (6), 1414-1429, 2009
Accounting for spatiotemporal errors of gauges: A critical step to evaluate gridded precipitation products
G Tang, A Behrangi, D Long, C Li, Y Hong
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Status of high‐latitude precipitation estimates from observations and reanalyses
A Behrangi, M Christensen, M Richardson, M Lebsock, G Stephens, ...
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On the quantification of oceanic rainfall using spaceborne sensors
A Behrangi, M Lebsock, S Wong, B Lambrigtsen
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Large uncertainties in observed daily precipitation extremes over land
N Herold, A Behrangi, LV Alexander
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 122 (2), 668-681, 2017
An update on the oceanic precipitation rate and its zonal distribution in light of advanced observations from space
A Behrangi, G Stephens, RF Adler, GJ Huffman, B Lambrigtsen, ...
Journal of Climate 27 (11), 3957-3965, 2014
On the use of indices to study extreme precipitation on sub-daily and daily timescales
LV Alexander, HJ Fowler, M Bador, A Behrangi, MG Donat, R Dunn, ...
Environmental Research Letters 14 (12), 125008, 2019
What does CloudSat reveal about global land precipitation detection by other spaceborne sensors?
A Behrangi, Y Tian, BH Lambrigtsen, GL Stephens
Water Resources Research 50 (6), 4893-4905, 2014
Precipitation intensity effects on groundwater recharge in the southwestern United States
BF Thomas, A Behrangi, JS Famiglietti
Water 8 (3), 90, 2016
Impact of drought on dust storms: case study over Southwest Iran
M Javadian, A Behrangi, A Sorooshian
Environmental Research Letters 14 (12), 124029, 2019
On the use of satellite, gauge, and reanalysis precipitation products for drought studies
S Golian, M Javadian, A Behrangi
Environmental Research Letters 14 (7), 075005, 2019
Impact of increased water vapor on precipitation efficiency over northern Eurasia
H Ye, EJ Fetzer, S Wong, A Behrangi, ET Olsen, J Cohen, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 41 (8), 2941-2947, 2014
Satellite-based precipitation estimation and its application for streamflow prediction over mountainous western US basins
A Behrangi, K Andreadis, JB Fisher, FJ Turk, S Granger, T Painter, N Das
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 53 (12), 2823-2842, 2014
Exploring deep neural networks to retrieve rain and snow in high latitudes using multisensor and reanalysis data
G Tang, D Long, A Behrangi, C Wang, Y Hong
Water Resources Research 54 (10), 8253-8278, 2018
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