Valor, T.
Valor, T.
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Assessing the impact of prescribed burning on the growth of European pines
T Valor, JR González-Olabarria, M Piqué
Forest Ecology and Management 343, 101-109, 2015
Understory fuel load and structure eight to nine years after prescribed burning in Mediterranean pine forests
P Casals, T Valor, A Besalú, D Molina-Terrén
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Integració del risc de grans incendis forestals (GIF) en la gestió forestal: Incendis tipus i vulnerabilitat de les estructures forestals al foc de capçades
M Piqué, M Castellnou, T Valor, J Pagés, A Larrañaga, M Miralles, ...
Sèrie: Orientacions de gestió forestal sostenible per a Catalunya (ORGEST …, 2011
Disentangling the effects of crown scorch and competition release on the physiological and growth response of Pinus halepensis Mill. using δ13C and δ18O isotopes
T Valor, P Casals, S Altieri, JR González-Olabarria, M Piqué, G Battipaglia
Forest Ecology and Management 424, 276-287, 2018
Influence of tree size, reduced competition, and climate on the growth response of Pinus nigra Arn. salzmannii after fire
T Valor, M Piqué, BC López, JR González-Olabarria
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The effects of burning season and severity on the mortality over time of Pinus nigra spp. salzmannii (Dunal) Franco and P. sylvestris L.
T Valor, JR González-Olabarria, M Piqué, P Casals
Forest ecology and management 406, 172-183, 2017
Drought-induced dieback of riparian black alder as revealed by tree rings and oxygen isotopes
T Valor, J Camprodon, S Buscarini, P Casals
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Leaf and bark functional traits predict resprouting strategies of understory woody species after prescribed fires
P Casals, T Valor, AI Rios, B Shipley
Forest ecology and management 429, 158-174, 2018
Temporal effects of prescribed burning on terpene production in Mediterranean pines
T Valor, E Ormeño, P Casals
Tree physiology 37 (12), 1622-1636, 2017
Resin ducts and bark thickness influence pine resistance to bark beetles after prescribed fire
T Valor, SM Hood, M Piqué, A Larranaga, P Casals
Forest Ecology and Management 494, 119322, 2021
The effect of prescribed burning on the drought resilience of Pinus nigra ssp. salzmannii Dunal (Franco) and P. sylvestris L.
T Valor, G Battipaglia, M Piqué, S Altieri, JR González-Olabarria, P Casals
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Pre-and post-drought conditions drive resilience of Pinus halepensis across its distribution range
L Veuillen, B Prévosto, R Alfaro-Sánchez, V Badeau, G Battipaglia, ...
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 339, 109577, 2023
Delineating vulnerability to drought using a process-based growth model in Pyrenean silver fir forests
C Valeriano, J Tumajer, A Gazol, EG de Andrés, R Sánchez-Salguero, ...
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Large forest fire risk assessment and fuel management: operational tools and integrated approach
MP Nicolau, JR González-Olabarria, TV Ivars, MB Barba, A Blázquez, ...
Fire Efficient, Operational Tools for Improving Efficiency in Wildfire Risk …, 2014
Peat moisture in relation to meteorological factors: monitoring, modelling, and implications for the application of the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index System
V Krivtsov, DG Matt, C Legg, T Valor, A Gray
Atmospheric turbulence, meteorological modeling and aerodynamics, 687-700, 2011
The fuel moisture content of peat in relation to meteorological factors
V Krivtsov, A Gray, T Valor, CJ Legg, GM Davies
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Efectes postincendi en una torbera d’Escòcia
N Prat-Guitart, T Valor, V Krivtsov
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Forest adaptation to extreme environments and climate changes
S Altieri, T Valor, G Battipaglia
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El règim d’incendis a Catalunya: què està canviant? Tendències, perspectives, i efectes sobre la vegetació
A Duane, T Valor
Atzavara, L' 33, 73-86, 2023
The Effects of Prescribed Burning on the Vigour of Mediterranean pine species
T Valor
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