Sara Vestergren
Sara Vestergren
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The biographical consequences of protest and activism: A systematic review and a new typology
S Vestergren, J Drury, EH Chiriac
Social Movement Studies 16 (2), 203-221, 2017
Stress and worry in the 2020 coronavirus pandemic: Relationships to trust and compliance with preventive measures across 48 countries in the COVIDiSTRESS global survey
A Lieberoth, SY Lin, S Stöckli, H Han, M Kowal, R Gelpi, S Chrona, ...
Royal Society Open Science 8 (2), 200589, 2021
COVIDiSTRESS Global Survey dataset on psychological and behavioural consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak
Y Yamada, DB Ćepulić, T Coll-Martín, S Debove, G Gautreau, H Han, ...
Scientific data 8 (1), 3, 2021
Inequalities and identity processes in crises: Recommendations for facilitating safe response to the COVID‐19 pandemic
A Templeton, ST Guven, C Hoerst, S Vestergren, L Davidson, ...
British Journal of Social Psychology 59 (3), 674-685, 2020
How collective action produces psychological change and how that change endures over time: A case study of an environmental campaign
S Vestergren, J Drury, EH Chiriac
British Journal of Social Psychology 57 (4), 855-877, 2018
How participation in collective action changes relationships, behaviours, and beliefs: An interview study of the role of inter-and intragroup processes
S Vestergren, J Drury, E Hammar Chiriac
Journal of Social and Political Psychology 7 (1), 2019
From isolation and dependence to autonomy–expectations before and experiences after cochlear implantation in adult cochlear implant users and their significant others
EM Mäki-Torkko, S Vestergren, H Harder, B Lyxell
Disability and rehabilitation 37 (6), 541-547, 2015
COVIDiSTRESS diverse dataset on psychological and behavioural outcomes one year into the COVID-19 pandemic
AM Blackburn, S Vestergren
Scientific data 9 (1), 331, 2022
Emergency Response Systems: Concepts, features, evaluation and design
S Bram, S Vestergren
Linköping University Electronic Press, 2012
Examining the role of Donald Trump and his supporters in the 2021 assault on the US Capitol: A dual-agency model of identity leadership and engaged followership
SA Haslam, SD Reicher, HP Selvanathan, AM Gaffney, NK Steffens, ...
The Leadership Quarterly 34 (2), 101622, 2023
Is it really “panic buying”? Public perceptions and experiences of extra buying at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic
E Ntontis, S Vestergren, P Saavedra, F Neville, K Jurstakova, C Cocking, ...
PloS one 17 (2), e0264618, 2022
Beyond the choice of what you put in your mouth: A systematic mapping review of veganism and vegan identity
S Vestergren, MS Uysal
Frontiers in psychology 13, 848434, 2022
Validity testing of the conspiratorial thinking and anti-expert sentiment scales during the COVID-19 pandemic across 24 languages from a large-scale global dataset
H Han, AM Blackburn, A Jeftić, TP Tran, S Stöckli, J Reifler, S Vestergren
Epidemiology & Infection 150, e167, 2022
Psychological change as an outcome of participation in collective action
S Vestergren
Linköping University Electronic Press, 2018
Mediation analysis of conspiratorial thinking and anti-expert sentiments on vaccine willingness.
AM Blackburn, H Han, RA Gelpí, S Stöckli, A Jeftić, B Ch'ng, ...
Health Psychology 42 (4), 235, 2023
33: Biographical Consequences of Environmental Activism
S Vestergren, J Drury
The effects of secondary stressors, social identity, and social support on perceived stress and resilience: Findings from the COVID-19 pandemic
E Ntontis, AM Blackburn, H Han, S Stöckli, TL Milfont, J Tuominen, ...
Journal of environmental psychology 88, 102007, 2023
How is covid-19 affecting Europeans’ lives
GA Travaglino, A Lieberoth, T Tran, D Cepulic, M Kowa, T Coll-Martín, ...
Report of the COVIDiSTRESS Global Survey, 2020
Policing Football in Sweden
C Stott, J Havelund, F Lundberg, S Khan, L Joern, J Hoggertt, ...
enable-research. org, 2016
Taking sides with Swedish protesters: Gaining and maintaining trust in the field
S Vestergren, J Drury
Researching peace, conflict, and power in the field: Methodological …, 2020
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