Diego Gutierrez
Diego Gutierrez
Professor of Computer Science, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
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A comparative study of image retargeting
M Rubinstein, D Gutierrez, O Sorkine, A Shamir
ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 papers, 1-10, 2010
How do people explore virtual environments?
V Sitzmann, A Serrano, A Pavel, M Agrawala, D Gutierrez, G Wetzstein
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Non-line-of-sight imaging using phasor-field virtual wave optics
X Liu, I Guillén, M La Manna, JH Nam, SA Reza, T Huu Le, A Jarabo, ...
Nature 572 (7771), 620-623, 2019
Femto-photography: capturing and visualizing the propagation of light
A Velten, D Wu, A Jarabo, B Masia, C Barsi, C Joshi, E Lawson, ...
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High-quality hyperspectral reconstruction using a spectral prior
I Choi, MH Kim, D Gutierrez, DS Jeon, G Nam
ACM Trans. Graph., 2017
Deeptof: off-the-shelf real-time correction of multipath interference in time-of-flight imaging
J Marco, Q Hernandez, A Munoz, Y Dong, A Jarabo, MH Kim, X Tong, ...
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A survey on computational displays: pushing the boundaries of optics, computation, and perception
B Masia, G Wetzstein, P Didyk, D Gutierrez
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Evaluation of reverse tone mapping through varying exposure conditions
B Masia, S Agustin, RW Fleming, O Sorkine, D Gutierrez
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Intrinsic images by clustering
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Practical svbrdf acquisition of 3d objects with unstructured flash photography
G Nam, JH Lee, D Gutierrez, MH Kim
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Fast back-projection for non-line of sight reconstruction
V Arellano, D Gutierrez, A Jarabo
ACM SIGGRAPH 2017 Posters, 1-2, 2017
To stylize or not to stylize? The effect of shape and material stylization on the perception of computer-generated faces
E Zell, C Aliaga, A Jarabo, K Zibrek, D Gutierrez, R McDonnell, M Botsch
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 34 (6), 1-12, 2015
Movie editing and cognitive event segmentation in virtual reality video
A Serrano, V Sitzmann, J Ruiz-Borau, G Wetzstein, D Gutierrez, B Masia
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A framework for transient rendering
A Jarabo, J Marco, A Munoz, R Buisan, W Jarosz, D Gutierrez
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Screen-space perceptual rendering of human skin
J Jimenez, V Sundstedt, D Gutierrez
ACM Transactions on Applied Perception (TAP) 6 (4), 1-15, 2009
Convolutional sparse coding for high dynamic range imaging
A Serrano, F Heide, D Gutierrez, G Wetzstein, B Masia
Computer Graphics Forum 35 (2), 153-163, 2016
A Similarity Measure for Illustration Style
E Garces, A Agarwala, D Gutierrez, A Hertzmann
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 33, 4, 2014
Intrinsic video and applications
G Ye, E Garces, Y Liu, Q Dai, D Gutierrez
ACM Transactions on Graphics (ToG) 33 (4), 1-11, 2014
SMAA: Enhanced subpixel morphological antialiasing
J Jimenez, JI Echevarria, T Sousa, D Gutierrez
Computer Graphics Forum 31 (2pt1), 355-364, 2012
Filtering approaches for real-time anti-aliasing.
J Jimenez, D Gutierrez, J Yang, A Reshetov, P Demoreuille, T Berghoff, ...
SIGGRAPH Courses 2 (3), 4, 2011
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