Anouk Verheyden
Anouk Verheyden
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Annual cyclicity in high‐resolution stable carbon and oxygen isotope ratios in the wood of the mangrove tree Rhizophora mucronata
A Verheyden, G Helle, GH Schleser, F Dehairs, H Beeckman, N Koedam
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High‐resolution time series of vessel density in Kenyan mangrove trees reveal a link with climate
A Verheyden, F De Ridder, N Schmitz, H Beeckman, N Koedam
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Soil and mangrove: a review.
MD Hossain, AA Nuruddin
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Comparison between δ13C of α-cellulose and bulk wood in the mangrove tree Rhizophora mucronata: implications for dendrochemistry
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A Patchy Growth via Successive and Simultaneous Cambia: Key to Success of the Most Widespread Mangrove Species Avicennia marina?
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Cambial growth season of brevi-deciduous Brachystegia spiciformis trees from south central Africa restricted to less than four months
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Comparative anatomy of intervessel pits in two mangrove species growing along a natural salinity gradient in Gazi Bay, Kenya
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Successive cambia development in Avicennia marina (Forssk.) Vierh. is not climatically driven in the seasonal climate at Gazi Bay, Kenya
N Schmitz, A Verheyden, JG Kairo, H Beeckman, N Koedam
Dendrochronologia 25 (2), 87-96, 2007
Capacity building in tropical coastal resource monitoring in developing countries: a re-appreciation of the oldest remote sensing method
F Dahdouh-Guebas, A Verheyden, JG Kairo, LP Jayatissa, N Koedam
The International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology 13 (1 …, 2006
Seabirds supply nitrogen to reef-building corals on remote Pacific islets
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Reduction of the Gibbs phenomenon applied on nonharmonic time base distortions
F De Ridder, R Pintelon, J Schoukens, A Verheyden
IEEE transactions on instrumentation and measurement 54 (3), 1118-1125, 2005
Rhizophora Mucronata Wood as a Proxy for Changes in Environmental Conditions: A Study of the Wood Anatomy, Stable Isotope Chemistry and Inorganic Composition of a Kenyan …
A Verheyden
Anouk Verheyden, 2004
Environmental and taxonomic controls of carbon and oxygen stable isotope composition in Sphagnum across broad climatic and geographic ranges
G Granath, H Rydin, JL Baltzer, F Bengtsson, N Boncek, L Bragazza, ...
Biogeosciences 15 (16), 5189-5202, 2018
Climate dynamics during the penultimate glacial period recorded in a speleothem from Kanaan Cave, Lebanon (central Levant)
C Nehme, S Verheyden, SFM Breitenbach, DP Gillikin, A Verheyden, ...
Quaternary Res 90, 10-25, 2018
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