Ettore Carretti
Ettore Carretti
Senior Research Scientist, INAF-IRA Bologna
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Multi-messenger observations of a binary neutron star merger
BP Abbott, S Bloemen, P Canizares, H Falcke, RP Fender, S Ghosh, ...
Giant magnetized outflows from the centre of the Milky Way
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Estimating extragalactic Faraday rotation
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A Broadband Polarization Catalog of Extragalactic Radio Sources
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Antisymmetry in the Faraday rotation sky caused by a nearby magnetized bubble
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An ultra-wide bandwidth (704 to 4 032 MHz) receiver for the Parkes radio telescope
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S–PASS view of polarized Galactic synchrotron at 2.3 GHz as a contaminant to CMB observations
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SPLASH: the Southern Parkes Large-Area Survey in Hydroxyl–first science from the pilot region
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Faraday Tomography of the North Polar Spur: Constraints on the Distance to the Spur and on the Magnetic Field of the Galaxy
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Low-frequency Faraday rotation measures towards pulsars using LOFAR: probing the 3D Galactic halo magnetic field
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Radio haloes in nearby galaxies modelled with 1D cosmic ray transport using spinnaker
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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 476 (1), 158-183, 2018
The angular power spectra of polarized Galactic synchrotron
M Tucci, E Carretti, S Cecchini, R Fabbri, M Orsini, E Pierpaoli
New Astronomy 5 (4), 181-190, 2000
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